Announcing the new Ilford Film: HP 11 Pro

NB: the below article is a spoof article we wrote with Ilford's blessing last week


Breaking News! After weeks of social media teasers and subtle hints, the moment is finally here... We are THRILLED to announce that the new Ilford 35mm film is:

Ilford HP11 Pro


Ilford HP11 Pro | Analogue Wonderland


Exciting New Features!

  • This will be the first 35mm film EVER to shoot wide-angle, telephoto and standard lenses at the same time
  • Now with WiFi and 5G connectivity to upload photos directly to your photo lab of choice for streamlined development and scanning
  • Best ever battery life - literally will never run out of batteries!
  • Sustainable packaging: the canister can be turned into a lovely keyring or necklace, the plastic film holder can be used to store buttons, coins and baby teeth


"We talked to lots of film photographers across several years and learned that they are often frustrated by having to choose which focal length to use for each frame. Now they don't have to! With new Simultaneous-Shooting (TM) from Ilford, they can press the button once and choose the focal length later"

Myshell, Marketing Specialist at Harman Technology

HP11 Pro Sample Shots | Analogue Wonderland


When pressed on the rumours that this would be the first film to break the symbolic £1,000/roll price point, Jeeves (Sales and Marketing at Harman) said:


"I think that we all know that film photography is a bit too affordable at the moment, with many analogue photographers on Instagram eager to pay crazy money for basic point-and-shoots. Plus people always want to spend more for higher numbers, so all we needed to do was take our best-selling HP5 film as a starting point and then think of the highest possible number: 11!"


This is the start of several waves of exciting new product launches in the film photography world. Early next year we are expecting to start selling Ektachrome 120mm (the slide film for photographers with particularly tall cameras) - as well as the highly-anticipated Fujifilm Acros II (rumoured to have TWICE as many pixels as the original Acros I!)

With all the buzz from new products and flashy celebrities I think we can state quite confidently that #Film is certainly not dead!

Happy Shooting
- Paul and Mary



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