Analogue Television: May Highlights

By Paul McKay

A couple of global big-hitters in the film photography world joined our weekly YouTube show this month:

Matt Day

Matt Day - a wonderful photographer and teacher who has inspired a whole new generation of film photographers through his own YouTube channel (120k subscribers and counting...) and engaging Instagram feed.

Marina from IfWeFilm joined as well and we discussed his unique path into the film photography business, why 'Document Your Life' has resonated so strongly with the community, and how to engage more in situations with your camera.

Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin - a jet-setting photographer, designer, musician and creative - with a particular passion for 'solving problems and helping people'.

Together with Graeme from Sunny16 we chatted about what it was like to be one of Instagram's beta-testers (he now has over 700k followers on the platform), why it's so important to schedule specific time to freak out about the current situation, and why he thinks Sony has designed some of the worst cameras to ever hit market :-D

Happy Shooting - and watching!
- Paul and Mary

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