Christmas 2019 - Selection Boxes, Home Development and more...

By Paul McKay

The festive bells are ringing, so we've looked in detail at the Christmas offerings for you wonderful film photographers!

Whether it's a gift for yourself or for a loved one - hopefully you'll find something fun, exciting and affordable within the below ideas.


Christmas Film Selection Boxes!

Back for another year! These are hand-picked curated selection boxes containing some of our top-selling films and packaged with one of JapanCameraHunter's gorgeous film cases. Choose from either red or green (mmm festive!) and feel confident that the recipient will be delighted by a choice of top-quality fresh films. Plus some chocolate coins because...Christmas!

Check out our Film Selection Boxes here




Home-Developing Kits

Do you - or someone you know - want to start developing your own film? Not only fun, but a big cost-saving versus sending off to a lab! We've got a couple of starter kits to get you on your way - one with the hardware, and another with chemicals included as well.

Check out the Home Developing Kits here

 Home Developing Kits


Festive Products

We have a couple of Christmas-specific items as well. First up is Revolog's Snovlox film: pre-exposed with falling snowflakes to guarantee a White Christmas on all your images :-)

And second is a Yulechrome photography pin - made by ShootFilmCo and with all profits from the sale going to charity.

 revolog Snovlox 35mm film


Yulechrome Christmas Film Pin


Pins, Patches, Keyrings and Stickers

We have an extensive range of lovely collectables and accessories for brightening up camera straps, rucksacks and winter coats :-) Maybe a camera pin to celebrate their favourite photography machine, or one of the ShootFilmCo patches declaring the wearer' love for film!

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Pins, patches, stickers and more



We have a small collection of new film cameras - produced by Lomography, Solarcan, Ilford and more. They range from the simple-use cameras that can be reloaded with any 35mm film, to the unique Solarcan solargraphy cameras for long-term (i.e. 6 month) exposures of the sun, to the fun of the LomoMod - a medium format DIY camera with a liquid lens!

All of them are great additions to a camera collection and will produce wonderful analogue images. (For someone who might appreciate a special detective challenge, have a look at the Mystery Camera!)

Check out our full range of cameras


Film Cameras



We have two very special First Issues: one from Analog Forever, and another from Photoklassik International. They are exceptional quality: in both the written content and also the print finish and included photography. Ideal inspiration for film photographers of all levels - and I promise that you'll learn new techniques and ideas as you read!

Shop magazines

Gift Cards

If you're not sure what someone would want - but you're confident it will be linked to film - then why not pick up a gift card? The code will be sent immediately to your email address, which you can then write it in a Christmas card, spell out in the snow in their front garden, or just forward on!

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Analogue Wonderland Gift Card


And if you need further ideas from the wider analogue photography community then don't miss out on ShootFilmCo's master gift guide here.


Happy Festive Shooting!
Paul and Mary

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