Cinestill 400D Launches in the UK!

By Paul McKay

Cinestill 400Dynamic has officially arrived in the UK - available in 35mm and 120 😍


Why are we excited?


There's a few reasons why I think that the Cinestill 400D launch is really good news for UK film shooters.

Firstly - this brings the unique Cinestill look (dramatic, halation, cinematic colours) to a speed of film that makes most sense for our typical lighting! ISO 400 will work in cloudy conditions, sunshine, rain 😅 and everything in between.

It will also be great indoors (assuming a flash or a lens that can open to a wide aperture) which makes it a truly all-rounder.

Secondly - it's arrived in 35mm and 120 at the same time, which is a wonderfully brave move by Cinestill. Typically we see film manufacturers start in one format (35mm) before branching out to others.

And although 35mm film is easily the most popular format in the UK, there are loads of medium format photographers out there who will be thrilled that they've been included from the very start.

Thirdly - although it's crafted from premium Kodak movie film, it is developed in regular colour C-41 chemistry so it's easy for developing labs to process it for you!

And finally - it looks incredible! 💜🖤💜

Check out the sample photos below for what is possible...

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