EMIRP Day at Analogue Wonderland

Mary and I sat down recently to have a think about how we can reward our customers for supporting Analogue Wonderland... maybe with some kind of 'two day' event... that we might do around the same time each year...

We're pretty chuffed with ourselves as we reckon this is a pretty unique idea ūüėČ

So let me introduce to you: EMIRP Day!

EMIRP Day | Analogue Wonderland

What is EMIRP Day?

EMIRP Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the joys of small retail and the incredible, supportive film photography community that makes this industry so wonderful ūü•į

There are two elements to EMIRP Day: (1) a way to reward Analogue Wonderland customers, and (2) the chance to share and uplift other small independent retailers working hard for the film photography community.

What does "EMIRP" stand for?

It may sound like gibberish, but EMIRP actually has a very special - and specific - meaning and should definitely be added to your film photography glossary.

EMIRP Day | Analogue Wonderland

Every Member Is Rewarded (double) Points

That's right, across the 21st-22nd June every Analogue Wonderland member will receive double WonderPoints with every purchase! This is our way of celebrating the film community and our wonderful customers. Through our WonderPoints system you can save up, redeem and save money on your next film purchase.

The exact amount earned on each purchase varies by your loyalty tier (you can read more details about the WonderPoints scheme here) - summarised by the table below.

Please note that you will need to have created a customer account in order to earn these points - that is easily done at this link: create AW customer account

Loyalty Tier Standard WonderPoints Earned EMIRP WonderPoints Earned


1 WonderPoint per £1 spent

2 WonderPoints per £1 spent!


2 WonderPoints per £1 spent

4 WonderPoints per £1 spent!

Field Camera

4 WonderPoints per £1 spent

8 WonderPoints per £1 spent!

Support fellow independents

We have a (non-exhaustive) list of some of our favourite community businesses, projects, and websites - which we update on a semi-regular basis here: Film Photography Community Links

This will signpost you to a variety of different enterprises where you can spend your time and money, or provide your support. They are all 100% passionate about film, and 100% Good Folk to deal with. I'm sure that you have your own similar list that springs to mind as well ūüėä

The serious bit

Thanks to Amazon's 'Prime' Day people are likely to be bombarded by adverts, press articles, videos and more. Amazon spend a ton of money across this period in order to dominate the airwaves. This can have a significant impact on small and independent retailers who cannot possibly compete at that level. So please consider sending some love - or orders! - to your favourite independent stores. I know for a fact that anyone on the above list would really appreciate it.

If you would like to know more about how Amazon can afford such intense marketing spend you can read more here.

Happy EMIRP Day!
- Paul and Mary


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