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Film Photography Community Support

We are proud to support small independent manufacturers and projects that are working hard for the film photography community. Please find below a list of our current partners and highlights. If you would like us to add your business or project to this page then please let us know!


Lab Partner:

Digitalabour official photography lab partner! Originally established in 1949 as Mobile Photo Services, Digitalab are a third-generation family-run business with fantastic photography services for analogue and digital alike. And remember every Analogue Wonderland order earns a voucher for 10% off processing, scans and prints with Digitalab* - to make seeing and sharing your photos even easier. Full details on how to claim your discount will be sent with your order confirmation.


Youtube Partner: 

Film Freek - our partner for educational videos and reviews. Check out her Youtube channel and subscribe to get notifications of all the latest videos and news!


Our Favourite Blogs:

  • 35mmc - founded in 2013, this is a fantastic blog dedicated to reviews, thoughts and experiences with 35mm compact cameras, rangefinders and their lenses
  • Kosmo Foto - even older than 35mmc, Kosmo began as Zorki in 2012. They are also responsible for the fantastic Kosmo Foto Mono film
  • JapanCameraHunter - also responsible for our best-selling Asian import the JCH Streetpan
  • Analog.Cafe - a new community blog that publishes weekly photo essays, stories, guides, reviews and collaborative pieces. Submissions are welcome!


Our Favourite Podcasts:

Sunny 16 Podcast - the weekly podcast featuring Graeme, Ade and Rachel exploring the world of analogue photography in all its forms. A fantastic audio accompaniment to your commute, housework or general life!

Negative Positives - the Gutterman and Andre from Cinestill walk us through their lives of film

Studio C-41 - Stephen, John and Bill run a fantastic weekly show packed with info and detailed conversation.

Phlogger - Andrew Walmsley talks to photographers and discusses diverse subjects covering all aspects of modern photography. And then asks them random questions!


Community Projects: - a great project designed to get photographers to meet each other and share their passion and knowledge about the hobby. Sign up to a local walk today, or create one of your own!

The Darkroom School - a range of workshops to teach photographers the joy of developing and printing their own black and white work. Set up by Colin Bridges, a photography pro with tonnes of passion and knowledge.

The Film Shooters Collective - a collective whose sole goal is to support film photographers with opportunity, community and education.


Favourite Camera Shops

Filtr Film Cameras - a new UK-based online store specialising in 35mm SLRs.


Favourite Independent Manufacturers:

Creative Colour Manufacturers - some of our favourite small independent producers who are consistently designing new tints and visual results. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

B&W Independent Manufacturers - a collection of small independent manufacturers who are bringing new emulsions and brands to the B&W market. Experience the unique paper product from Washi, the wonderful Soviet branding from Kosmo Foto, the London-local Bretz and the Asia import from JapanCameraHunter.