We are proud to support small independent manufacturers and projects that are working hard for the film photography community. Please find below a list of our current partners and highlights. For developing labs specifically please head to this page: Where to Develop

If you would like us to add your business or project to this page then please let us know!

Our Favourite Blogs:

  • Emulsive.org - a treasure trove of articles, interviews, opinion pieces and invaluable data compilations - all about film!
  • 35mmc - founded in 2013, this is a fantastic blog dedicated to reviews, thoughts and experiences with 35mm compact cameras, rangefinders and their lenses
  • Kosmo Foto - even older than 35mmc, Kosmo began as Zorki in 2012. They are also responsible for the fantastic Kosmo Foto Mono film
  • JapanCameraHunter - also responsible for our best-selling Asian import the JCH Streetpan
  • Analog.Cafe - a new community blog that publishes weekly photo essays, stories, guides, reviews and collaborative pieces. Submissions are welcome!

Our Favourite Podcasts:

  • Sunny 16 Podcast - the weekly podcast featuring Graeme, Ade and Rachel exploring the world of analogue photography in all its forms. A fantastic audio accompaniment to your commute, housework or general life!
  • Film Photography Project- the original! Over TEN YEARS of regular episodes from the wonderful world of Mike Raso's New Jersey. Also the source of some or our favourite FPP films
  • Negative Positives - the Gutterman and Andre from Cinestill walk us through their lives of film
  • Studio C-41 - Stephen, John and Bill run a fantastic weekly show packed with info and detailed conversation.
  • Phlogger- Andrew Walmsley talks to photographers and discusses diverse subjects covering all aspects of modern photography. And then asks them random questions!

Our Favourite YouTube channels:

  • Doing Film Things - Ribs, one of our co-captains on Analogue Television releases a video each week talking about different elements of shooting, developing and printing film
  • IfWeFilm - Marina, the other co-captain, releases a mix of English and Spanish videos helping people understand more about the joys of film
  • Matt Day - one of the original YouTubers covering film, relax into a professional channel with tons of information and inspiration
  • Nico's Photography Show - a mix of industry news, reviews, and tips

Community Projects:

  • Photowalk.me - a great project designed to get photographers to meet each other and share their passion and knowledge about the hobby. Sign up to a local walk today, or create one of your own!
  • The Film Shooters Collective - a collective whose sole goal is to support film photographers with opportunity, community and education.
  • The BrightRooms - Bright Rooms is a Peckham-based celebration of analogue photographic technique and provides a fresh working environment to facilitate photographers, artists and printers with an affordable, friendly and accessible space to work and learn. They run regular workshops in all aspects of analogue photography along with specialist workshops run by guest photographers and artists. Workshops cater for everyone from children through to enthusiasts and professionals. Bright Rooms Studio is available to hire, as well as providing developing and scanning services. They also run regular talks, film nights and the bi-annual Print & Zine Fair - Saturday 21st March.

Favourite Camera Shops

  • West Yorkshire Cameras - in their own words 'a real camera shop' based in Leeds and supplying fantastic second-hand cameras and gear with outstanding customer service
  • Grays of Westminsters - an exclusively-Nikon camera dealer based in central London, with 35+ years of industry experience. They provide one-to-one advice whether you are purchasing a brand-new digital (boo) or second-hand film body (yey) or lens, and stock an unrivalled range of Nikon collectibles and accessories too

Favourite Independent Manufacturers: