Film Photography Project - FPP Film

Who are FPP?

The Film Photography Project crew are well-known pillars within the US analogue (analog!) community - thanks to the Film Photography Podcast that is now entering its TENTH year of existence! This bi-weekly show has been sharing tips, reviews, and stories of film photography since 2009 with a rotating cast of experts but always headed by Mr Michael Raso. Read our interview with the man himself here!

They also have an online store that ships film supplies across the USA, and even more importantly for European film photographers...Mike hand-rolls rare, special and interesting films! We have chosen to import the very best of these: 620 films to help offer more choice to users of vintage box cameras - as well as some high-speed side film (Retrochrome) and ex-USSR stock (Svema film) in 35mm. So browse the collection below and enjoy something new - knowing that you're supporting one of the best film photography community projects alive today.