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Where to Develop Film

Home Develop

Enjoy taking your film photography to the next level by developing your films at home! Easy to learn, but with plenty of advanced techniques and chemistry choices for refining your skills.

Get all the hardware you need with a starter kit, and then choose the chemicals you need to bring your creative vision to life. B&W, colour, and even ECN2 all available below.

We also sell scanning masks and other accessories to make your home-developing simple and fun.

Lab Develop

We are not a consumer lab and unfortunately do not have the capability to develop films for people. However if you are looking for where to develop film in the UK then we have partnered with three excellent film labs who will be happy to help with anything you need:

1. SilverPan Film Lab

SilverPan Film Lab is a small and personal film lab who can process, scan and print several niche films/formats as well as all the 'usual' 35mm and 120 film.

Perfect for: E6, B&W-reversal developing, 110 film, hand-developing rolls with bespoke/unusual chemical recipes; personal support

SilverPan Film Lab is a craft operation in Bristol, run by the fantastic Duncan Gammon. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, committed to his craft, and very helpful whether you have intricate questions or beginner curiosity.

2. Digitalab - with a special discount for AW customers!

Perfect for: C-41 and B&W processing and scanning, exceptional for printing.

Originally established in 1949 as Mobile Photo Services, Digitalab are housed in custom-designed premises in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle. They have been serving the needs of photographers in the North East of England for three generations and have invested in state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to continue delivering what photographers need.

With their custom-built online photo printing service Digitalab can now be your “local” lab wherever you are located, and whatever medium you use! This is a great lab to process 35mm film, develop 120 film, scan medium format and everything in between.

Every Analogue Wonderland order earns a code for 10% off processing, scans and prints with Digitalab* - to make seeing and sharing your photos even easier. To claim your discount just head to their film processing page and use the discount code 'AW10' at checkout! If you have any questions or concerns about the development process or how to claim your discount please contact or

3. Alive Studios - movie films

Perfect for: cine film processing, scanning, and initial editing.

Alive Studios are a small Devon operation with a single-minded focus on producing exceptional results from cine film. They have processed over 20,000 orders so far and are continually upgrading their technical facilities to provide top-quality results and wonderful customer service. They will look after you and your movie film!

This is where you can develop Super 8 film or 16mm film.

Where to develop film