Holga Week 2022

By Paul McKay

Holga Week begins on Saturday 1st October - an international celebration of the iconic camera brand - and we are excited!



What's a Holga?


Holga cameras were designed in the early 1980s in Hong Kong with the goal of providing the Chinese consumer market with a fun and affordable 120 film camera.

There are a few different models of Holga but they all share the same distinctive features: lo-fi aesthetic, 120 format, strong vignetting around the edges of images, simple and lightweight, simple to use and capable of producing amazing images.

When 35mm became the default format for most casual photographers in China and local sales slowed, the manufacturers decided to pursue an export strategy - which lead to passionate fans for the camera across the world! That cult following continues today, hence Holga week...


Holga photograph

(c) Paul McKay, shot on his trusty Holga-with-flash and Kodak T-Max 400



What is Holga Week?


Holga Week is a global photo competition to celebrate these fantastic cameras. Organised by @MrHolga (of course) it has three simple steps:

1) Last week in September - Prepare your Holga, make sure it's got ready with film loaded

2) 1st-7th October - shoot your Holga! As many photos as you wish, across a range of subjects (Street, Nature, Portrait, Pinhole, and Photographer's Choice)

3) 8th October-8th November - get your films developed and submit your favourites via the official website HERE

And you can always share your shooting adventures with the film community on social media with the #HolgaWeek hashtag!

You can learn more via the video below:


We are proud sponsors of Holga Week 2022 - and are contributing film to the competition prizes!



Holga + Film = Savings 🤑


If you don't yet have a Holga then don't worry - we've got you covered! And with a special deal to help you get started this week.

Buy any Holga camera from our store and you get a roll of Kodak Gold 120 for just £2!

Simply add any Holga camera and a single roll of Kodak Gold 120 to your basket and you'll see an immediate saving of £8.

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