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Lomography Babylon 35mm, a LomoChrome Duet, and new DubbleStraps

Posted on July 20 2020

It's always an exciting Monday when two contrasting products land simultaneously! And a special Lomochrome bundle as well...

ISO 13; fine grain, lovely detail; and the latest in Lomography's Kino range. The sample photos look absolutely stunning, I personally cannot wait to try it out. I'm thinking - portraits taken outside in bright sunshine to bring out the contrast and detail - or evening long-exposures around the garden.

Not content with creating a range of gorgeous 35mm films, DubbleFilm have turned their hand to camera straps! Four different colours to choose from; each can bear up to 10kg of camera weight; and inspired by the travels of Adam (the man behind the brand).

Personally - I like the look of the Kilburn to bring out the red logo on my Agfa 110 camera, but there's something to match anything in your collection!

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Have you been tempted by the recent Lomography launches of Lomochrome Purple or Lomography Metropolis, but not yet made the jump? Well here's the perfect excuse to get involved!

Not only will you receive both of the latest Lomography colour creations in re-usable metal film containers, but you'll ALSO get a free keyring! Lots of opportunities to enjoy making wonderfully unique summer photos.

Lomography Analogue Duet - 35mm Film - Analogue Wonderland

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Have a wonderful week! Happy Shooting,
- Paul and Mary