The Analogue Wonderland App

Mary and I are THRILLED today to announce that the Analogue Wonderland App is available for download from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store!

Check out the video below for a preview:

Key Features

  1. Much faster and easier to use than the website-on-your-phone
  2. You can see past orders; track your WonderPoints*; refer friends for bonus points; tag films as 'Favourites' to store for later
  3. Build a basket and check out in seconds with incorporated Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Pay etc
  4. Easily browse our Beginner's Guide; Wall of Inspiration; YouTube videos and blog posts to continue learning and finding new ways to take awesome photos

What's Next?

We have already collated early community feedback to create a list of design tweaks, functionality improvements, and items that people would love to include. We promise that we will begin work on them straight away (starting with the ability to 'filter' films by brand/format within the main shopping page) so that the app will continue to get better and better!

Make sure you enable notifications when you first open the app - not only will it be a great way to get the jump on special deals and new films - but you'll also get a discount code for 10% off your first 'in-app' order... Perfect!

Happy Downloading, and Happy Shooting,
Paul and Mary


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