Triple WonderPoints Weekend

By Paul McKay

We are going WonderPoints-crazy and giving away TRIPLE the usual number for points for every order placed before midnight Sunday!


How do I take part?

Place an order for anything from our shop - a film top-up 🎞 a new camera 📸 or developing for some rolls you've shot 👩🏻‍🔬 - and you will automatically receive triple the usual WonderPoints as a thank you.

Please note that you will need an active customer account to earn WonderPoints - if you don't have one yet then you can quickly set that up here


Triple WonderPoints Weekend 

Triple Points Earning

The exact amounts you earn for each order will depend on your loyalty tier. You can see your current tier in your WonderPoints area (here) and then match with the table below:

Loyalty TierUsual PointsTRIPLE Points!
Point-and-shoot 1 per £1 spent3 per £1 spent
SLR2 per £1 spent

6 per £1 spent

Field Camera4 per £1 spent12 per £1 spent


The new earning points are in place from now until Sunday midnight, so don't wait to cash in!


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