The Big Film Photowalk - Details

By Paul McKay

Here you can find all the details for our 40 (!) Analogue Wonderland + Kodak photowalks, happening as part of The Big Film Photowalk on the 29th June.

At the moment this page is a work in progress as the walk leaders finalise routes and timings, so please bear with us. I'll send out an email to all attendees the week before the walk when it is complete.

You can buy tickets from this page - please note that our walks are beginning to sell out so don't hang around!


Section ASection BSection CSection D
London (South Bank) - with KodakMargateHastingsStirling
London (Trafalgar Square) - PrideRuncornMaidstoneBirmingham
London (Brixton)LiverpoolWorcesterCoventry
London (Hampstead Heath)KnaresboroughKeswickGlasgow (West End)
London (Bethnal Green)Brighton and HoveONLINEGlasgow (Pacific Quay)
OxfordCardiffChristchurch, DorsetNewcastle (City Centre)
BristolEdinburgh (Old Town)YorkNewcastle Quayside & Ouseburn
LeicesterEdinburgh (Calton Hill)ShrewsburyCity of Armagh




Section A


1. London (South Bank) - with Kodak [moved from Soho]

Meeting location: The Boot and Flogger, 10-20 Redcross Way, London SE1 1TA

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Paul McKay (Analogue Wonderland)

Description: We will meet in a private room at The Boot and Flogger for a short introduction from Paul, Kodak, and our top secret third analogue partner 🤫 We will being the walk through Borough Market, up to Southwark Cathedral and the river. We will turn left and walk along the river path, passing landmarks (and photo opportunities!) like the Golden Hinde, Shakespeare's Globe, the Tate Modern, the South Bank, Millennium Bridge, The London Eye, and the Jubilee Gardens. We will return back at the Boot and Flogger between 3-4 for refreshments and to collect your films. Approximate route available here although this may change slightly on the day depending on 'live' situation. The route is outside so if the weather looks like it might rain please bring coats/umbrellas!

Walking distance: ~5km 

Accessibility comments: There will be some cobbled streets and Borough Market will be very busy. However there are always accessible routes between landmarks, and Paul will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take photos at each spot before moving to the next. We will move at a pace appropriate for all attendees. If you feel unable to complete the full route at any point then there are multiple cafes/pubs in the area to rest or use toilets - and if you take a break then Paul will ensure that you know where the group is for rejoining later. The entire route is an outside area so service animals are welcome.


2. London (Trafalgar Square) - Pride

Meeting location: Joy of Life Fountain - Hyde Park, London W1K 7AN

Meeting time: 11am - this is earlier than most of the walks!

Photowalk Leader: Karen Freer (Analogue Wonderland)

Description: The parade will be assembling on Park Lane and travelling down Piccadilly, crossing Piccadilly Circus, travelling down Haymarket, turning left towards Trafalgar Square and dispersing on Whitehall Place. We will roughly follow this but might skip ahead to try and get better views.

Walking distance: 3.2km

Accessibility comments: Once I know the route I can find out which tube stops along that have step-free access. In general, the pride walk will be incredibly loud and very busy. I can set up check-in points along the parade in quieter streets if people need to meet up there. 


3. London (Brixton)

Meeting location: Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Ln, London SW2 1JG

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Rob Andrews (@LondonCameraProject)

Description: Local landmarks and places of interest including the markets, tap room, Windrush Square, skate park, nice pub and some other gems. 

Walking distance: 3 hours including a break for food and drinks, possibly a touch longer/shorter depending on how we all feel. 

Accessibility comments: The markets are likely to be busy but not too crowded. Towards the end of the day they could be noisy. The will be kerbs to deal with as we cross roads but I’ll try to spot dropped kerbs ahead of time. There is one section of walkway that is a bit uneven. There are no plans to walk up or down any steps. Service animals will be welcome. Please get in touch if you have any mobility issues or need to bring a service animal or a carer.  


4. London (Hampstead Heath)

Meeting location: Golders Hill Park Cafe, Golders Hill, N End Way, London NW3 7HD

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Constanza Isaza Martinez (@luxdarkroom

Description: We will start at Golders Hill Park Café before heading towards the Hill Garden and Pergola, one of Hampstead Heath’s most picturesque and best-kept secrets. We will continue through fields and densely wooded areas of the Heath to finish at the Spaniards Inn. 

Walking distance: ~4km

Accessibility comments: Hilly areas and some uneven trails. The whole walk is outside so service animals are very welcome. Please note that while pet dogs are also welcome, there are no pet dogs allowed in the Hill Garden and Pergola. If you choose to bring your pet dog you will need to stay in the surrounding area while we visit these locations. 


5. London (Bethnal Green)

Meeting location: Bethnal Green Underground Station

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Emerzy Corbin (@emerzycorbin)

Description: Bethnal green to Victoria Park to regents canal 

Walking distance: 3.5km

Accessibility comments: Some uneven ground in canal and some crowds. All outside.


6. Oxford

Meeting location: Martyrs Memorial, Oxford (,_Oxford)

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Graeme Jago (

Description: Around the city centre, covering several photography hotspots - beautiful buildings, parks, and more!

Walking distance: 5km

Accessibility comments: Crowds and stairs both possible in given areas, also lots of students with backpacks and cyclists - but we will go at a pace appropriate for all, and there are multiple cafes and pubs for rest stops.


7. Bristol

Meeting location: Bristol Folk House, 40a Park Street, BS1 5JG

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Sophie Sherwood (@folkhousedarkroom / / @photosophiaus)

Description: We'll be wandering up Park Street to take in the sights that Brandon Hill has to offer, going around their gardens and strolling through the park. There will be a hill and a few steps involved with this walk. You will get a free hot drink voucher in the cafe 😊

Walking distance: 1-2 hours

Accessibility comments: Bristol Folk House has 5 steps going into the building and steps throughout the building, there will be some old potentially uneven paving leading to Brandon Hill, and steps into the park as well as it being on a hill. Service animals are very welcome and we can take the pace slowly for those who need it.


8. Leicester

Meeting location: Lo-Fi HQ, Bishop Street Methodist Church, Bishop Street, Leicester, LE16AF

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Daryl Tebbutt (Leicester Lo-Fi Darkroom "Leicester Lo-Fi Photography. We have an Instagram account - @leicesterlofi and Facebook

Description: Starting off at lo-fi HQ with tea, chat and camera loading, then off to explore medieval Leicester's Castle Gardens before ambling down the River Soar and the Grand Union Canal. Stopping off at Frog Island, where textile mills and factories operating from the late 19th century. Back on the canal we'll finish our walk with tea, cake and banter at Abbey Park with its twelfth century Abbey ruins and the ruins of Cavendish House. 

Walking distance: 3.5km

Accessibility comments: Uneven surfaces along the canal, slopes to get onto the canal side, cobbled roads around Leicester Castle. Steps to get into the lo-fi darkroom - although can meet in the church which has no steps to access. All outside except the starting point and cafe. 


9. Stoke-on-Trent

Meeting location: Outside the entrance of the Westport Lake Visitor Centre, just look for people with old cameras around their necks. Westport Lake Visitor Centre, Westport Lake Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 4RZ

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Simon Forster (6 Towns Darkroom Club. There is currently no social media for it, so please direct people to either of the following IG: simonforsterphotographic X: Simonfor)

Description: A canal walk along the Trent & Mersey Canal from Westport Lake to the Etruria Industrial Museum, (and back). Starting at Westport Lake, the walk will head through Longport and Middleport along industrial heartland of Stoke-on-Trent

Walking distance: 5.6 Miles

Accessibility comments: A flat canal towpath walk. The path is a mix of paving, concrete and loose gravel.


10. Blackpool

Meeting location: Visitor’s Center, Stanley Park, Blackpool What Three Words: ///

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Peggy Marsh (

Description: This walk is aimed to be inclusive and accessible. It will be slow paced, wheelchair friendly, with quiet areas nearby, participants can come and go as they need, high viz jacketed guides to help with cameras, plus a selection of cameras to borrow to suit all mobilities. There will be a few people who will be willing models if you want to practice portrait/street photography but are a little uncomfortable approaching strangers. 

Walking distance: Less than 4km

Accessibility comments: The location is a park so service and regular dog are welcome. The walk is aimed to be as accessible as possible. There is a disabled car park and accessible toilet. Carers can join the walk free of charge.

 You can download a pdf of Peggy's walk in dyslexifont here



Section B


11. Margate

Meeting location: The Kings Steps, Kent, The Parade, Margate CT9 1AP

Meeting time: 3pm - please note this is later than the others!

Photowalk Leader: Melanie King and Kim Conway (LondonAltPhoto)

Description: Margate steps, Past Turner Contemporary, Past The Lido, Walpole Tidal Pool. We will then walk back to Margate Old Town to complete our film.

Walking distance: 1-2 hours, 4km

Accessibility comments: The route is usually accessible but it can be compromised by sand / ocean water being washed up on to the walkway. It is an outside walk


12. Runcorn

Meeting location: Hazlehurst Studios, 71 High Street, Runcorn WA71AH

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Clare Williams (

Description: Walk along Bridgewater Canal from Hazlehurst Studios to Runcorn Promenade via Dukesfield neighbourhood area. Highlights: Bridgewater Canal (and bridges), Chedi/ Peace Garden at Wat Phra Singh Buddhist Temple, Runcorn Spiritualist Church, Silver Jubilee Bridge, waterfront, All Saints Church, churchyard and Hurse house, Carnegie Library building. 

Walking distance: 2.5 hours

Accessibility comments: We have a photo walk assistant who will lead more accessible route sections. The route is approximately 3.5 miles, therefore is not suitable for those who cannot walk that distance. Service animals welcome on all parts of the route (including Hazlehurst Studios)

If you would like to hear more about the Hazlehurst Studios programme of photography workshops, please sign up for our newsletter here:


13. Liverpool

Meeting location: The Open Eye Gallery, Mann Island, Liverpool

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Rachel Brewster-Wright (

Description: We'll be starting at the amazing Open Eye Gallery (the Northwest's preeminent photography gallery) taking a walk along the Strand / UNESCO waterfront for some classic dockside architecture and up and along Water Street.

We'll take a sneaky peek down Queen Avenue (a little hidden gem) then along towards the Cultural Quarter including a stop off at Liverpool Central Library for shots inside the stunning foyer (and perhaps up to the rooftop depending on weather).

Finally, we'll walk past the Walker Art Gallery and along the front of St. George's Hall, finishing at Lime Street Station.

There will (hopefully!) be the extra option, for those who would like to visit, to also hop on the underground at Lime Street, for a 6 minute journey to visit my Darkroom & Studio in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead (sadly non-accessible due to the nature of the heritage building).

Walking distance: Approx 2.5hrs I think, ending at Lime Street Station for people to grab coffee / food from outlets there, or alternatively hop on the train and grab a cuppa & cake at Liberty Bell cafe in Hamilton Square opposite my Darkroom & Studio

Accessibility comments: Liverpool is generally quite a busy city (especially at weekends). There are likely to be crowds of people, but most of the route will take place through mainly pedestrianised areas with more space around, rather than narrow pathways.

The whole of the main route is accessible / flat without stairs or with additional options i.e. ramps too. There are some areas which are cobbled. These can be circumnavigated if needed.

Regarding the optional extra (my Darkroom & Studio): if visiting my Darkroom & Studio in Hamilton Square, the Square itself is accessible, but due to the original layout of the heritage building, my Darkroom has to be accessed via an external flight of stairs to the basement and my Studio access is via 2 flights of internal stairs.

The whole of the main route is accessible (please see above) and service animals are welcome in any of the buildings we'd be going inside (i.e. the Library, the gallery, the cafe)

I am able to communicate with VERY basic sign language (currently taking my toddler to BSL classes) but would LOVE to learn & train in this properly one day , for exactly this kind of situation and my workshops.


14. Knaresborough

Meeting location: Knaresborough Train Station

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Gary Smith (Instagram @SeekDiscoverConnect)

Description: 1. Train station - 2. Harrogate Rd Bridge 3. He shows Centre 4. Up the high street 5. Through old town centre 6. Knaresborough Castle 7. Berra Gardens 8. Down to the riverside 9. Walk back to Trains tation

Walking distance: 3.5km with a few inclines and coffee breaks

Accessibility comments: Cobbled roads, inclines, steps (it’s an old market town built in a gorge). It’s all outdoors, service animals are welcome, and I’m trying to find and provide all additional routes so people with wheelchairs or families with prams can still participate.


15. Brighton and Hove

Meeting location: 11 Chapel Mews, Brighton, East Sussex, BN3 1AR

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Joshua Redfearn (

Description: 36x Streets of Brighton: A walk through some of Brighton's most photographic streets and spaces!

Walking distance: 2-3 hours with coffee breaks based on progress!

Accessibility comments: The route will have a variety of terrain; hills, cobbles and crowds are all likely. Contact us for specific information regarding allowances or personal needs, if we can attend them we can.


16. Cardiff

Meeting location: The National Museum, CF10 3NP

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Tom Warland (@tombobwarland

Description: From the steps of the National Museum, past Cardiff Castle, through Castle Arcade and down St Mary Street. From there the route will head down to Cardiff Bay via the canal paths in Butetown, past the Millennium Centre before finishing at the Norwegian Church Art Centre

Walking distance: 2.8 Miles (Mostly Flat)

Accessibility comments: Potentially some cobbled sections, busy shopping streets etc. From what i can tell the route is completely wheelchair accessible, the only indoor part (Castle Arcade) is fine for dogs in the route, but not in all of the shops within.


17. Edinburgh Old Town

Meeting location: We will be meeting at Stills Centre for Photography located on Cockburn street. Our building is fully accessible and is just a few minutes walk from Waverly station and a number of bus stops. Daisy will greet walkers at the front desk and we'll move upstairs to the library to start and look through some photobooks for inspiration!

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Daisy Mason (Stills: Centre for Photography and

Description: Our walk is inspired by Robert Blomfield's Edinburgh street photography and his ability to create striking images that capture both Edinburghs fantastic architecture and the characters that fill the streets. Starting from Stills, we will walk through Princes Street Gardens, along to the winding streets around the castle and the narrow staircases and closes of the Cowgate. From there we will walk along the meadows, up the tree-lined Middle Meadow Walk and back up over the historic George IV bridge and back to Stills down the winding Advocates Close. 

Walking distance: ~5km

Accessibility comments: Sadly, Edinburghs old town is not particularly accessible. There will be lots of stair climbing involved on cobbled streets. During the summertime many of the areas we pass through will be fairly busy, there will be plenty of cafés on the route if folk are in need of refreshments, though. Plus, many benches along the way on the meadows and princes street gardens to rest. Due to the nature of the route, we are unable to accommodate for wheelchair users on this walk. Although service animals are welcome as the whole walk will take place outdoors. 


18. Edinburgh Calton Hill

Meeting location: The starting location for our photowalk is at the Foot of Calton Steps in Edinburgh. Located at the base of Calton Hill, this spot provides easy access to landmarks like the Nelson Monument and the National Monument. The steps offer immediate views of the city, making it an ideal starting point. This area is accessible and provides a variety of sights to capture right from the beginning of our walk, setting the stage for a great photographic journey through Edinburgh.

Google Maps link:

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Sam Cornwell (

Description: Our photowalk will begin at Calton Hill, offering incredible views and vistas of Edinburgh. We will explore how the city's landscape has shaped our understanding of geology. The route includes a visit to the national parliament, showcasing contemporary architecture. We'll then make our way to the foot of Arthur's Seat. Along the way, expect to capture stunning cityscapes, historic landmarks, and modern structures, providing a diverse range of photographic opportunities to excite and inspire all participants.

Walking distance: 5km

Accessibility comments: Edinburgh is a city of hills and as such the more able walkers would enjoy this walk. If you have any accessibility concerns and would like to ask a question about how we can make your participation more enjoyable, please reach out to Sam (@thesolarcan on Instagram). We will endeavour to keep to a steady pace that accommodates everyone. The walk is outside and service animals are welcomed. There will be breaks along the route for coffees and cake so everyone can refuel.


19. Fraserburgh

Meeting location: Beside Beach Cafe, beach esplanade, Fraserburgh.

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Stewart Sievwright (SGS Photography)

Description: Round beach and harbour, round lighthouse and west shore area.

Walking distance: 3-4 Kms. 2-4hrs depending on walking speed!

Accessibility comments: Sturdy footwear as harbour can be slippery when wet. Outside so service animals welcome.


20. Windsor

Meeting location: Top of Peascod St, opposite Queen Victoria statue.

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Max Catt, Analogue Wonderland Lab Manager

Description: Starting at Windsor Castle, we'll head down a bit of The Long Walk Rd before heading back towards the shopping areas. We'll pass by the central train station and then down around the castle towards the river. Time depending, we'll pop over the bridge into Eton and then come back and walk around the gardens and river before finding somewhere to sit and enjoy a drink to finish the walk.

Walking distance: Estimated 4-5km

Accessibility comments: Cobbled paths very likely, crowds very likely. Steps around shopping areas and the river are likely. Service animals welcome, poor weather may change the route and what we do indoors/outdoors. Suitable footwear for changing terrains a must.




Section C


21. Hastings

Meeting location: In front to of the white rock theater. White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JX

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Ana Blumenkron (@blumenkron and

Description: We will visit the pier, the old town, the castle and the beach

Walking distance: 4km, about 2 hours

Accessibility comments: We will be walking uphill, uneven pavement and beach (sand and rocks). Everything will be outside so please prepare for the weather on the day.


22. Maidstone

Meeting location: Esquires Coffee, 23 Gabriel's Hill, Maidstone ME15 6HR

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Matt Richardson (YouTube Click Bait

Description: Starting at a great indy coffee shop we will take a rambling route across the centre of town, exploring alleys, main roads and green spaces, with opportunities for street photography, urban landscapes and architecture. Maidstone is a very old town so looking up reveals an amazing architectural history from timber beams to brand new. We will wander down curious alleys with unique shops, pass a pub with a domed glass ceiling pass the ancient Maidstone Museum next to the 60s modernist library and many more visual treat, finishing at County Hall, another gem and usually has skate boarders outside, and returning back through town at your own pace

Walking distance: 4km

Accessibility comments: We will start at the bottom of a hill, fairly flat after that. The route is outdoor, there are a couple of pubs and coffee shops to go into, and some have outside seating


23. Worcester

Meeting location: The Kiln, 2 Copenhagen St, Worcester WR1 2HB

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Hamish Gill (

Description: Around Worcester town and down to the river and back

Walking distance: 4-5km

Accessibility comments: The route is outdoor, there are a couple of pubs and coffee shops to go into, and some have outside seating. If anyone has any specific concerns relating to mobility, or service animals, or sensory stimuli, crowds, or anything else - please contact us beforehand if possible and we will do our best to adapt the plans accordingly. 


24. Keswick

Meeting location: Conquer Lake District 28 Lake Rd, Keswick CA12 5DQ - Conquer is a terrific independent shop selling souvenirs/homeware and lifestyle pieces right near Derwent Water.

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leaders: Amber Rose and Katie May ( and

Description: Meeting at Conquer Lake District we'll depart from Conquer on Lake Road, walk through Hope Park, past Theatre by the lake, onto Friars Crag, past Strandshag bay looking over to Lord's Island and rounding off at Centenary stone to then walk back for our return journey following the same route. 

Walking distance: Just under 5km total - not a circular walk just A to B and back again.

Accessibility comments: Stones surrounding waters edge at the lake, stairways, cobbled roads, crowded area (In the lake district national park). Well behaved dogs welcomed, I will most likely be bringing along my working cocker spaniel Alfie.



Meeting location: Video Call

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Heather Hughes

Description: All details on the Online event can be found on Heather's website here:



26.Christchurch, Dorset

Meeting location: The Saxon Cross on Saxon Square, Christchurch BH23 1QB

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Kim Freeman (Instagram Flickr:

Description: The walk will take in the town centre, the River Stour/Christchurch Harbour, Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve towards Hengistbury Head. We will end the walk here, but I'm happy to walk folks but to the start point. Bus service back to Christchurch the 'Summer Beach Breezer 70' (please check the MoreBus time-table).

Photo highlights: Christchurch Priory, The older streets of the town, ducking stool and castle, Views of the harbour (River Stour), Tuckton bridge, Nature reserve looking over to Mudeford Sandbank and Quay and back to the town, Hengistbury Head visitors centre which has a newly built Iron Age roundhouse and a wonderful nature garden, sand dunes and beach.

Coffee/Tea stops available: Coffee shops at start. Tuckton gardens, Hengistbury Head centre and Hikers cafe.

Walking distance: Up to 6km

Accessibility comments: Gravel paths and gates across Stanpit nature reserve.


27. York

Meeting location: Outside York Train Station (Station Road, YO24 1AB)

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Corrine Gretton-West (

Description: Gentle circular walk round York. Following the walls, visiting the ghost filled Shambles, the famous Golden Fleece. Will walk along to the castle and ending at the railway museum. 

Walking distance: 4.8km

Accessibility comments: Cobbled roads and being York there will be crowds especially around the shambles. Tall people will need to watch their heads when climbing the stairs on the city walls. It is an outdoor walk depending on the weather we may adjust going on the walls to walking along the street instead. 


28. Shrewsbury

Meeting location: Meet in the Square, in front of the Old Market Hall (or underneath it if it is raining) 

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Richard Hammerton (Shrewsbury Film Photography Club (Facebook group)

Description: The photowalk will take a meandering route around the town centre and beyond - taking in many photogenic spots along the way. We are still working out the details! We'll have a alternative plan in case the weather isn't feeling cooperative. The walk is likely to be around 4km in total to allow plenty of time for photography. 

Walking distance: 4km

Accessibility comments: We will do our best to make the walk accessible for all, but in a historic town centre built on a hill it is likely that you will encounter cobbles, and a few uphill/downhill sections, and very probably some steps. The town centre may be busy in some areas but we will try and keep to quieter streets and paths as much as possible. If anyone has any specific concerns relating to mobility, or service animals, or sensory stimuli, crowds, or anything else - please contact us beforehand if possible and we will do our best to adapt the plans accordingly. 


29. Eastbourne

Meeting location: Kiosk Cafe (near Bede's Preparatory School), Foyle Way, Eastbourne, BN20 7XL

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Julius Smit

Description: Seafront & Inland: The route will follow the lower seafront to include The Wish Tower, Bandstand and The Pier. Then on to the Redoubt Fortress (sadly barricaded off, but open to imaginative images!). Return inland via Seaside for opportunities in architectural and street photography. Return finally to The Pier via Cavendish Place.

Walking distance: Around 2.5 hours, depending on number of attendees and walking/photographic experience.

Accessibility comments: Saturdays are often busy in summer on the seafront, but not jam packed! Good photo opportunities! The route will take in crossing the same road twice via a zebra crossing/traffic lights. The walk might be adjusted in distance to take in factors like walking & photographic experience, attendees with children/pets, and refreshments!


30. Cambridge

Meeting location: Punting Jetty area Quayside CB5 8AQ

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Chris Dommett (

Description: We will gather to load film and help out technically. If the weather is poor there are cafes nearby. Then head towards Chesterton down the River Cam path through commons and past Steam museum and back 

Walking distance: 2-3 hrs by agreement

Accessibility comments: Could be busy. Crowds at first. Later lots of space. Rainwear/Umbrellas if appropriate. It is all public, outdoors and service animals are welcome




Section D


31. Stirling

Meeting location: Made in Stirling, 44 King Street Stirling - second floor. Participants will get a 10% discount on the day for any purchases!

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: David Mitchell ( Instagram: @analoguephotographystirling)

Description: Our walking route will take us along the back walk and up to the historic sites around Stirling Castle pausing in the wonderful medieval graveyard and exclusive access to some historic architecture.

Walking distance: 4-5km 

Accessibility comments: There will be some uneven ground and stairs. Service animals are welcome.


32. Birmingham

Meeting location: Outside New Street Station - Bullring Exit, Smallbrook Queensway - Google maps pin

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Alex Davidson (@ae1alex - instagram

Description: Starting with the open markets which are full of great characters and photo opportunities we'll move through the city centre, New street, Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square to the Library in Centenary Square. From there we'll switch back to Colmore row for some architecture/more street shots and in to St Phillips Cathedral before heading down to Moor St Station and then into Digbeth to finish with some shots of the incredible street art and industrial regeneration.

Walking distance: Roughly 4km

Accessibility comments: Birmingham is exceptionally busy at weekends and there are some stairs on the route - but generally accessible alternatives exist at all stages of the walk.


33. Coventry

Meeting location: Under the Lady Godiva statue in Broadgate, Coventry City Centre

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Jamie Gray (Instagram: @cov.entry / website:

Description: We will encounter the mid-century beauty of Coventry Cathedral, plus the war-torn ruins of the original cathedral. We will head to Fargo Village, a creative quarter where there may well be an interesting event going on. There are toilets, cafes and shaded areas here. We will then move back towards the city centre.

Walking distance: 3-5km

Accessibility comments: There is a short cobbled area around the Cathedral, but flagstone options are available. Fargo is all on one level. There should not be any steps along the route. We will be in mostly outside environs, except the new Cathedral. All are welcome inside the cathedral, service animals are allowed.


34. Glasgow West End

Meeting location: Hillhead Subway station

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Stuart Morrison (Instagram @nonstopgrain)

Description: Ashton Lane, Byers Road, Botanics, Kelvin Walkway, Kelvinbridge, Kelvingrove, pub!

Walking distance: 4km

Accessibility comments: Some stairs, uneven surfaces


35. Glasgow Pacific Quay

Meeting location: Exhibition Centre train station (at the orange walkway), Minerva Street, G3 8LE

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Ross Sampson (

Description: Over the Expressway to the SECC, Hydro and Armadillo (all modern architecture). Then over the Clyde on the Bell's Bridge, past the BBC and on to the Science Centre. From there we return over the Clyde on the Millennium Bridge and back to the starting point. If we have time and strength we will walk to the Hidden Lane for more snaps and either a cup of tea there or a beer in the Ben Nevis. 

Walking distance: 3 hours, unless you want to make it 4 with more photos and refreshments!

Accessibility comments: Ramps for all inclines, but mostly the walk is on the flat. No anticipated issues for wheelchair users. Almost exclusively outdoors. Dogs can be accommodated.


36. Newcastle City Centre

Meeting location: Meet at Grey’s Monument in Newcastle 

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Clarke Meades (Instagram @clerk.analogue)

Description: Walk down Grey St, swing by the historic Grainger indoor market, pass through Chinatown and the remains of the castle wall. Make our way to Quayside via the Tyne Bridge and eventually meet up with the other group on Quayside.

I do have a surprise planned 🤫 I am working on getting us access to the Lit and Phil Society library, it’s an amazing interior and they have let me photograph inside. So hopefully on the day they are ok with a group of us going in.

Walking distance: Roughly 3km

Accessibility comments: The market can get crowded during the day but it is wheel chair accessible. We can avoid the steps on our way to quayside and take the pavement which is steep in places. "Newcastle is fairly open, all locations are accessible for service animals. I know the city well if someone needed a restroom I could locate one fairly quickly. I can judge it on the day, the north east weather is fickle and if it’s particularly wet and windy I can adjust it so that everyone is comfortable.

Also: A friend of mine that has an alternative printing process lab might come He runs classes of most alternative printing practices.


37. Newcastle Quayside and Ouseburn

Meeting location: TBC

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: 


Walking distance: 3-4 km

Accessibility comments: 


38. City of Armagh

Meeting location: The car park of St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Armagh (

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: George Kingsnorth from

Description: From St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Armagh to Armagh BT61 7QY via Cathedral Rd/B115. To see this route visit

Walking distance: 2.1 miles - about an hour

Accessibility comments: Expect cobbled roads, steps and Saturday shoppers but we can adapt as necessary.


39. Manchester

Meeting location: Saint peters square M1 5AN in front of the library 

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Finn (Instagram: finn_p85)

Description: This walk is to show people the beauty in Manchester historically and modern architecture. I have planed a 5.7 km walk through the old canals of Manchester the new building of Deansgate up to the bustling Northern quarter back through china town to meet again in saint peters square with many more stops along the way 

Walking distance: 5.7km

Accessibility comments: We will be walking on narrow old cobble roads and some stair ways but alternate paths are available. The entire walk will be outside with possible public indoor areas depending on what people would like to do but nothing that inhibits the walk 


40. Portsmouth

Meeting location: The Square, (opposite Vue Cinema), Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth PO1 3TZ

Meeting time: 12pm

Photowalk Leader: Barry Fryer (

Description: We will meet in the Square in the centre of Gunwharf, and then take a slow walk around the Spinnaker Tower and then onto Old Portsmouth / Camber Docks. Portsmouth is a very busy harbour so there will be a lot of activity on the water with traffic entering and leaving the harbour.

Walking distance: The walk will be approx 5km and is mostly level for access.

Accessibility comments: Accessibility in the area is generally good. We are not allowed to use tripods inside Gunwharf Quays but they may be used with caution in Old Portsmouth. Service animals are very welcome.

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