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The Analogue WonderBox - Film Subscription Box

Our Price: £50.00 GBP



The WonderBox is Analogue Wonderland's first ever 35mm film subscription offering!

- Receive 6 films every 2 months - along with some extra goodies specially compiled for you 😊

- Every week you will be sent tips, tricks, and community sample images of a film to help you learn how to get the best out of each emulsion! 🎞

- You have the unique chance to enter the WonderBox rolling photo competition every month - with film-based prizes for Winners 🏆

- You will also be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where other subscribers will share their results and answer any questions you may have 🤔

Details on Shipments

Each WonderBox contains TWO months' worth of films!

If, for example, you subscribe in September then you will get a parcel containing September AND October films, with your next packages arriving in November/January/March etc. If you subscribe in October you will receive a parcel containing October AND November films, with your next packages arriving in December/February/April; and so on.

Further details of how it works - and FAQs - can be found on our subscription page.

NB: due to a technical issue you cannot redeem WonderPoints discounts on the subscription product - apologies! You will however earn Points with the subscription scheme, so you still get the credit :-)

How to Gift

You can gift someone a set number of WonderBox shipments (remember each WonderBox = 2 months' of films!)

Simply tick the 'Prepay for your subscription' box, then select the 'Is this a gift?' option. You will be able to pre-pay the gift boxes, and choose a shipping address different to your own.

When the gift comes to its end the lucky recipient can then choose to continue the subscription with their own credit card.

How to Manage your Account

Log in to your account and visit the following link: My Account.

You will then see details about your WonderBox (similar to below) including the date of the next subscription, payment details, shipping information etc. You can easily update any of this information as well as pause your subscription if you want to skip a box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

Great idea for when you want a mystery box of 35mm film and value for money, especially when I subscribed, I got an extra roll of film.

I've only got around to using the the Kodak ColorPlus 200 but looking forward to trying out the other films that I normally would not have thought to buy and try out.

Stuart Hamilton
Great idea, great value

As a recent convert to film photography I have found the WonderBox a real eyeopener. The number of different films on the market seems daunting at first but the WonderBox takes away the guesswork. I would probably not have attempted most of the films in the box but the accompanying reviews give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. Definitely keeping up the subscription.

Richard Politz
A Box of Wonders!

The Analogue Wonderbox has become an intrinsic part of my 35mm photography journey. It provides a cost-effective opportunity to sample a huge variety of films I would ordinarily take the time to seek out.

Also, all the great bonus video content and community support through the Facebook group IMO is worth the price of admission alone.

Thanks so much Analogue Wonderland!

Richard Alonzo
A wonderful wonderbox

Remember that feeling when as a kid you opened your Xmas socking and there was a selection box full of chocolatey goodness tucked in it? Well instead of chocolate you get six rolls of 35mm goodness instead and best of all you don’t have to wait till Xmas to indulge yourself, an eclectic mix of six films drops through your letterbox every two months to test you, and your camera(s). You won’t always get the results you want or expect, but that’s part of the fun. Step outside your comfort zone, experiment, and enjoy all that film has to offer in one simple subscription package.


Great idea for 35mm film photographers who want to push themselves and learn about new films, and see what is available nowadays. Every week there are videos explaining how to best use these films, and you have access to a Facebook group which is full of like-minded people. Some films are black and white and some are colour. Some films can be used in automatic cameras and some require a manual winding camera, which is something to bear in mind if you only have an automatic wind mechanism in your camera. Also if you develop the films yourself you will have so find some way to scan them to put them online, which can be costly and require a lot of specialist equipment and technical expertise.
Sample shots are kosmo foto.