Camerhack Adapter for 116 Film Cameras: FAK116

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You can now use your 116 film camera once more with these wonderful little adapters from Camerhack!

They will allow you to shoot any of the 120 films available with your 116 camera by adjusting the 120 spool to the right height and dimensions for easy use: it comes with 2 sets of adapters so that you can also use a 120 spool as the take-up spool.

The set also comes with 4 white extenders that are essential for use with certain cameras (e.g. Box Brownie) that are stricter about the spool diameter.

With these adapters you will get approx 6 panoramic photos (~11x6cm) from a single roll of 120 film.

For more info about the background of Camerhack then head over to our interview with Claudio!

Compatible cameras:

The following 116 cameras have been explicitly tested with the spools:

  • No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK Camera (collapsing front) (1899 – 1905)
  • No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK Camera Model B (folding front) (1905 – 1906)
  • No. 2A BROWNIE Camera (1907 – 1924)
  • No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK Camera Model C (wood lens mount) (1907 – 1909)
  • No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK Special Camera (1908 – 1912)
  • No. 1A Speed KODAK Camera (1909 – 1913)
  • No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK Camera Model D (metal lens mount) (1909 – 1915)
  • No. 1A Special KODAK Camera (1912- 1914)
  • No. 1A Six-Three KODAK Camera (1913 – 1915)
  • No. 1A KODAK Junior Camera (1914 – 1914)
  • No. 1A Pocket KODAK Special Camera (1926 – 1934)
  • No. 2A Folding Pocket BROWNIE Camera (1910 – 1915)
  • No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK-RR Type Camera (formerly listed as No. 1A Folding Pocket KODAK Special) (1912 – 1915)
  • No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK Junior Camera (1914 – 1927)
  • No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK Special Camera (1914 – 1916)
  • No. 2A Folding AUTOGRAPHIC BROWNIE Camera (Changed from square to round ends in 1917) (1915 – 1926)
  • No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK 1917 Model Camera (1917 – 1924)
  • No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK Special Camera (w/coupled rangefinder and Bakelite side panels) (1917 – 1923)
  • No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK Special Camera w/coupled rangefinder, Model_B (Back overlaps sides) (1923 – 1926)
  • No. 1A Pocket KODAK Series II Camera (1923 – 1931)
  • No. 2A BROWNIE Camera (Aluminum, Model C) (1924 – 1933)
  • No. 1A KODAK Series III Camera (1924 – 1931)
  • No. 1A Pocket KODAK Camera (1926 – 1932)
  • No. 1A Pocket KODAK Series II Camera (in 4 colors) (1928 – 1931)
  • No. 1A Pocket KODAK Camera (In 4 colours: blue, brown, grey, green) (1929 – 1932)
  • No. 1A Pocket KODAK Junior Camera (Black and 3 colors) (1929 – 1932)
  • No. 2A BROWNIE Camera (5 colors) (1929 – 1933)
  • No. 1A Gift KODAK Camera (packed in cedar box) (10,000 manufactured) (1930 – 1931)
  • No. 2A Beau BROWNIE Camera (5 colors) (1930 – 1933) 

Other 116 cameras should also be fine but cannot be guaranteed until tested.

NB: the brand is sometimes mis-spelled as Camerahack or Camerhak


Where we ship

When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Camerhack Adapter for 116 Film Cameras: FAK116 today and dive back into the fun of 116 film photography!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Vincenzo Del Franco

Soddisfatto dell’acquisto; ottimo prodotto

Angus Gulliver
Revives your old 116 camera

One day I went slightly mad and bought an 1899 Folding Pocket Kodak. I tried a home hack with rawl plugs and put a couple of rolls of 120 film through it, but while that did work the film movement was inconsistent. This relatively cheap set of spool adaptors makes it easy to use 120 films in your vintage 116 camera. Seems to be made well, of both metal and plastic parts. Makes my Kodak far more practical than the old hack. Note that the frame numbers on the backing paper still won't match frame sizes for the 116 format so you'll need to figure out how many turns per frame or use the markers for 16 frames per film if they're present - in which case 2.5 120 frames equals one 116 frame. You should get six frames per 120 film on this with most 116 cameras. It goes without saying that any 120 film is compatible and while I am mad enough to put Ektar through a 120 year old camera, I find Fomapan 100 is a great all rounder for this purpose.

Martin Booth
Great fun

Little bit fiddly to set up, making sure that everything fitted smoothly and the film would run through the camera, but all now works. Looking forward to developing the film to see the results. Prints will have to be contact prints. However, I have high hopes as the camera (a 1930s box Brownie) takes amazing images.

Stefan Micsik
116 adapter to 120

Fast delivery, looking nice, broken soon.
So what can I say....
That flat part that enter in the 120 roll film spool it to thin and not strong enough to be used in an very old camera. One like this made from aluminium will be the best solution.
I will try to do it my self, many will work better for me.

Richard Pickering
116 adapter

well made piece of kit which fit well and does appear to do what it is intended to do. At present I have not run a full roll through the camera so cannot comment on the end result.