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JCH 5x120 Film Case

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The medium format version of the 35mm classic - for 120 shooters who want to keep their rolls protected when out-and-about. Made in Japan with a stylish finish and classy look.

Pick your favourite colour to match your camera, bag, or hairstyle!

JCH = Japan Camera Hunter = Bellamy Hunt, a man with the most enviable job in existence. He lives in Japan and spends most of his time sourcing film cameras that are rare, high quality, and in demand across the world. Not satisfied with making people's wildest camera dreams come true, he has recently branched out into producing his own film in 35mm and 120 formats. His Instagram account is one of the most beautiful accounts on the site - and rightly one of the most popular within the analogue world.

For more information about the brand check out our bio of JCH


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When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your JCH 5x120 Film Case today and dive back into the fun of 5x120 film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Shoot roll film? Then you want one of these. Much better than sticking your film in a pocket of the camera bag or in a Tupperware box (Google it kids), this custom designed container holds five rolls of 120 neatly and most importantly, securely. By that I mean safe from water ingression, from dirt ingression, and if like me, you have suffered from light leaks from badly wound - either at production or exiting camera stage - light ingression. I bought an orange one so I can find it in the depths of a dark bag. I am considering buying one of a different hue to store my exposed rolls. Than I will really have A System.....

No Fridge gloop on my film!

This case is super handing for carrying lots of film in your bag but also great if, like me, you live with someone who insists on putting tomato puree (and other leaky food things) in the same compartment as my film.

Brilliant invention

Best invention for medium format photographers. Every fits perfectly, and it has a funny (for me) design detail.