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Lomography Colour Negative Film 120 Colour ISO 100 3-pack

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The medium format version of the sunlight-loving Lomo classic, this 120 film is bright and colourful: a summer essential.



Format: 120
Colour: Colour
Type: Negative
ISO: 100
Exposures: 36
Pack size: 3


To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Lomography Colour Negative over on EMULSIVE.


Lomography has been at the forefront of the analogue revolution for decades. Starting in 1992 with some Viennese students falling in love with the aesthetic of a particular Soviet camera (the iconic LC-A) - they founded a movement and a company that would introduce a new generation to the joys of plastic cameras and experiemental film. Periodically innovating new cameras for existing formats - and sometimes bringing back formats specially for their cameras! - they are vibrant and creative

For more information about the brand check out our bio of Lomography


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When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Lomography Colour Negative Film 120 Colour ISO 100 3-pack today and dive back into the fun of 120 film photography!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Travel
Very nice colours

This is a very nice film and I achieved some lovely results in my Yashica 635.

I've heard it is actually a Kodak emulsion which would explain why the colours are so good. There's a nice solid look to it without it being oversaturated. I did find I needed to dial the yellows back a little in Lightroom but that's probably just personal taste. It works well in flatter light (found it gives a nice atmosephere on misty mornings) but really comes to life in the sunshine.

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners
Worked Well

Bought this to try out different types of colour film, as I don't usually shoot colour, and it did the job I wanted it to do. I would buy it again

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Landscapes

Used on a Lubitel 120 camera. Excellent

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes
Excellent Film

I used this film on a 1950's half frame camera, so I was able to get 24 pictures off each film. Even though it was an overcast day, the colours were reproduced vividly. This is an ideal film for cameras which need slow speed film due to their slow shutter speeds

I’m a fan

I’m not sure which emulsion Lomography basis its colour films on, but as the title says, I’m a big fan, especially of the 100 and 400. The colours are rich, especially the reds which I love, the grain is very fine and the film handles a bit of over or under exposure with finesse. They’re also very reasonably priced films, which is the icing on the cake.