Analogue Wonderland 35 to 120 Adapter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Chris D. (London, GB)
Clever little tool

Such a simple little bit of kit. Such an inexpensive way to bring an old friend of a camera from my youth and my father's back into use. Even though in such an unconventional way. I must admit I have too many other ancient snappers on the go but the 2x 1930s Voigtlander Brilliants, I restored during lockdown, are niggling in my mind to come out of the cupboard! I will add an image - eventually! Here is the 1937 Brilliant getting its innerds checked out for fit. Nicely Done!

Neil W. (Kings Lynn, GB)
35mm in a 120 camera

Wanted to try a 35mm film in a 120 camera for the sprocket holes to be exposed. These adapter's worked perfectly. It was the operator who dislodged the black tape on the film window and lost half the roll. Sample shots not good as couldn't scan them properly. BUY the adapter's, they're a fantastic.

Anna (Heathfield, GB)
Super fun & experimental

I think there's a learning curve using this if you're a beginner - but this shouldn't hinder you at all, shooting on analogue (even if you're more experienced) is full of mistake-making and risk-taking. It can produce the most gorgeous panoramic images with fully exposed sprockets and I personally had no trouble with the alignment in-camera. I used it in a Mamiya RZ67 and it worked beautifully. Would recommend to anyone with an abundance of 35mm to use or wanting to experiment mixing formats.

Nick M. (Falkirk, GB)
Works great

Since 120 film transfers to the take up spool at the end of a roll rather than being rewound, you can use one of these to wind the film back into the canister manually inside a darkbag. If you don't have a darkbag, consider buying two sets of these and using one with an empty film canister to make your own 35mm take up canister.

I've not tried the second method but it may make it easier to change rolls on location rather than fidgeting inside a darkbag in public like a weirdo. If you already own a darkbag and don't want to buy a second pair of adaptors, you can tape a bit of film (on both sides) to a 120 take up spool and tape that to the film you're going to shoot.

The image shows my set up but also that the adaptors don't fit 100% snugly - this causes no issue and they work fine. They also seem quite sturdy.

AlistairB (Norwich, GB)
They fit.

Fit and work well

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