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AP Film Squeegee

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Remove watermarks from your home-developed film with this basic AP squeegee.

Watermarks are formed when the film still has droplets of water on the surface when it's hung to dry. Don't be tempted to use your fingers or a cloth to dry the film: the fibres in cloth and the oils on your skin can cause more permanent damage to the emulsion.

Instead use a squeegee for quick, easy and damage-free removal of all excess droplets. The soft rubber blades will catch all water without scratching the emulsion. Hurrah for easy scanning!

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When you buy your darkroom gear from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your AP Film Squeegee today and dive back into the fun of film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Charlie McConnochie
Simple - use with care

Works as intended tho in future I'll use a drop or two of wetting agent to help water clear smoothly. Did see a couple of scratches on digitised images but that was most likely my clumsy handling! I'll get better. Overall pleased with my first attempt at processing/digitising.

Jim Graves
Decent price

Love it or hate it, the humble squeegee is the marmite of the film world. I have this one and it does what it's supposed to at an affordable price.

Lack quality

Do not buy only used a couple of times then they just fell apart,just get the Patterson ones I own both and the Patterson brand is a lot better quality.

Poor quality

Had a pair of these and the blades came adrift on the 4th use! Buy Paterson.