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Fujifilm Provia 100F Film 120 Colour ISO 100 5-pack

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A professional medium format slide film from Fuji that aims to faithfully reproduce skin tones and colours for a realistic and authentic photograph. A great 120 film for a wide range of situations and lighting and one of the few professional slide emulsions in existence, it won't let you down.


Format: 120
Colour: Colour
Type: Slide
ISO: 100
Exposures: 12
Pack size: 5

To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Fuji Provia 100F over on EMULSIVE.

Fuji is one of the most famous Japanese global brands - and along with Eastman Kodak - dominated the film photography market for most of the 20th century. However the dawn of digital photography put significant strain on it's operations and it has restructured itself (and part-merged with Xerox) around a more diverse set of industries such as digital press, computer systems, and photocopying services. It's focus on traditional film has waned (giving rise to the nickname "FujiNOTfilm") - discontinuing several lines which has caused understandable upset among loyal users and planning to cut several more. However their creation and innovation of the Fuji Instax system (the most popular instant photography format today) means they will remain relevant to analogue photography for many years to come.

For more information about the brand check out our bio of Fuji

Sample shots (c) chia ying Yang

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes
Great Colour Option

I really like this film. I've been struggling with colour for a while. It can be difficult to replicate what you saw, and some colour films exaggerate certain tones or over-saturate.

I've been a long time shooter of Portra 160 as that was the closest to "neutral" I could find, but still - balancing the colour after development could be tricky and I found I was always tweaking things in Lightroom to get it looking just right.

Shooting slide film removes that issue and for a neutral toned slide in 120, Provia is pretty much your only choice. Velvia has too much saturation for my liking and Provia is perfect straight out of the box. Tjose medium format slides look gorgeous too.

I didn't have any difficulty with exposure, using an auto-everything Pentax 645n and letting the meter make the decisions. I had a lot of trouble with Velvia 50 under-exposing, but Provia seems to actually like living at 100 ISO and my images were bob on.

A great film that simply delivers "what you see" with no fancy frills. Sharp, detailed and colourful. Just what I wanted.

[Pentax 645n, various lenses, dev @ AG Photographic, scan @ home]

Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture, Travel, Studio work
Provia 100f 120

This is an absolutely fantastic slide film which has very punchy and vibrant colours, especially blues and greens.

The only thing in my eyes that lets this film down is the recent price increase!

Provia can be pushed a stop no problem. Works ways better in sunnier, brighter conditions than on duller days, or perhaps in a studio environment indoors.

I’ll be leaving reviews throughout the website with pictures for full frame scans, so if you’re like me who loves to see the entire image and border, you can see what the results will be like.

Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Travel, Studio work
A world class film stock

This is the film I reach for whenever I want the most amazing detail. To my eye, it is the best slide film remaining that is still available in 2019. I use it a lot for both landscapes and even nighttime city scapes as it has an amazing ~120 seconds before reciprocity failure applies (allbeit, you have to watch for colour casting).

In well lit conditions, the results are outstanding, and I even find it pleasing for portraiture too. I've never attempted home development or scanning of it and I've always trusted that to the lab that I use. The results are always outstanding.

It's also the most expensive slide film currently available which makes me use it sparingly. But when you get the results on a lighttable, there is nothing like it. I recently got a 30" square print produced (sample picture provided of the sunset with boats) from a 120 negative, and it was simply mind blowing.

Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture
Excellent Slide film, with it's limits

One of the superficial joys of using slide film is looking at the transparencies when they come back to you, they can be really beautiful. I found it a challenging change from regular colour negative film but can see where it would be useful. You need to be much stricter with your exposures as there's less dynamic range which contributes to a strong contrasty look. This look can be good but really depends on your subject matter. There are examples of people getting amazing work done with this film so I would recommend it, but read up on how to get the best results and be mindful of your subject matter with it.

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Used this for the first time on a trip to Sheffield, when I got the results back I was amazed and delighted. The colours and grain were just superb, very much like the old Kodachrome.