Lomography DigitaLIZA Max - Film Scanning Solution

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jamie W. (Blackburn, GB)
Really Clever Scanning Solution

I think this is perhaps one of the best compact scanning solutions especially for those on a budget. The scans one can produce with it are of an impressive quality with just some basic post scan editing. Ive loved using it so far, one tip to get the best out of it is to use a good phone camera and also put a 3s timer on it to remove the wobble from you pressing the shutter button.

Keith S. (Wisbech, GB)
A real game changer!

Anyone who uses a mobile phone for scanning, knows that 120 it's not easy....or it didn't used to be! This setup makes mobile phone scanning of 120 film just as easy as 35mm, but now with the roll through system for 35mm...you can zip through it in no time, and the results from either 35mm or 120 are great..though a good camera on the phone is advantageous.
I've attached a few scans of 120 film I did today just for reference.

Jeff (Milton Keynes, GB)
Better than I expected!

This is so simple to use, I develop my roll and run it through before cutting it and it is unbelievably fast compared to another scanner. I got great results using a phone but even better with a camera on a tripod. The spirit level is useful to make sure the camera is level, the negatives were totally flat which is why I bought it. I have rapidly gone through my recently developed rolls with this but will now slowly rescan everything with this as the problem of curled negatives and light areas on the sides of the film is gone. I’ve done 35mm and 120 up to 6x9, although there is a bit of cropping on 6x9. So fun to include the sprocket holes, guess I should get a sprocket rocket next… analogue wonderland was the best place to buy it from. Best price and shipping and, as always - totally reliable!


It's not a professional piece of kit. Although it fairly well constructed it doesn't do the job in my honest opinion. The clamp that holds the phone is poor - holds level on one plane but way off true in the other. Also, especially with my rubbish phone (Motorola g10 play,) it's not designed for extreme magnification far too much barrel distortion and it can't resolve the detail of the negs. The film transport, I found was hit an miss. It would advance the frames so far after which I had to physically pull the neg strip through. The masks just sit on top of the provided light box and quickly move when making fine adjustments. The light box works of batteries and also has a usb connector yet there was no usb provided. For the price I'd expect one! Better results are obtained using a DSLR and either macro lens or extension tubes. However, as the set up is only centimetres away from the copy frame it's awkward advancing the frames. Not value for money Sorry, Lomography.

Jackie W. (Romford, GB)
Digitializa Max

Great value. Was able to put together quickly and start using straight away. The versatility for using with all different size negatives was great. The only thing I would suggest is to include a lead to use electricity rather than just the battery option would make this perfect.

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