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Paterson Film Drying Clips

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Paterson's film clips are the simplest way to hang your films for drying. The thin metal points will hold the end of your film securely - and then hook the top onto a clothes rail/shower rail/clothes line etc to allow your developed films to safely dry.

Paterson has the feature that one clip is weighted - use this one on the bottom of your film to stretch it straight as it drys!

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When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Paterson Film Drying Clips today and dive back into the fun of home developing your films!

Customer Reviews

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Here they are!

Probably the best film clips....

Firm grip, no corrosion, and the hook is big enough to hang on lots of things.

Spikes now plastic, not metal.

These are some of the best film clips available, or were, perhaps, until the recent change to fully plastic clamps/spikes instead of metal spiked pins, which press into and hold the film securely. The problem with the new, cheaper version, is that one of my clips has visibly sharper points than the other and this blunter clip needed a bit more pressure to pierce the film. It is possible that the top or bottom has sharper spikes (I would have to buy another set to confirm!) deliberately but more likely it is just a quality control thing. Shame; however, there are lots of film clips to choose from still, including all metal ones from other manufacturers if that is your preference.

Wish they did 120

These are really good, well made and waterproof - they won’t rust. I hang mine in the bath using a coat hanger over the shower rail, so the hook is really useful. There are little spikes in the peg that pierce the film and stop it slipping out. One is more heavily weighted to hang at the bottom. You spot this as the inner tube thing is black. This is sometimes hard to see and I wished they’d make it a more contrasty color.

I’d have given 5 stars, but only 4 because as great as these are for 135, I wish they ‘d do a 120 wider clip because they are about same width of a 135 film which means on a 120 they are small and the film tends to curl more. Don’t get me wrong, they are perfectly usable on 120, it’s just that the film curls a little more.

Still highly recommended.


The -click- sound it makes is very satisfying. Good clips, better to use this thank homemade things, as it provides more stability and support in securing the film during the drying process.