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Paterson Film Squeegee

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For removing one of the darkroom's regular annoyances: watermarks on your film that you only notice when you get to printing or scanning!

Watermarks are formed when the film still has droplets of water on the surface when it's hung to dry. Don't be tempted to use your fingers or a cloth to dry the film: the fibres in cloth and the oils on your skin can cause more permanent damage to the emulsion.

Instead use a squeegee for quick, easy and damage-free removal of all excess droplets. The soft rubber blades will catch all water without scratching the emulsion. Hurrah for easy scanning!

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When you buy your darkroom gear from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Paterson Film Squegee today and dive back into the fun of film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Maguire
Squeejeez this is good

Struggled with water spots after developing film. I don’t always have access to photo flow or distilled water & this does exactly what it says on the tin, haven’t had any water spots or streaks since using this. I would highly recommend especially for anyone starting out with home development.

Works like a charm

Works great, helps dry my film quicker. Easy to use, what more could you want?

Great item... Worth the money

Work as they should and comfortable in the hand when using... Just make sure to clack them a few times just bbq things to make sure they are responsive

Luke Farmer

I know some people hate using these but you just need to make sure they’re really wet and you use Photoflo or whatever and then in my experience they don’t scratch. I used to get loads of streaks and don’t anymore!


This review isn’t aimed at these squeegees, but any of this type. I wouldn’t recommend using these as they can scratch the film unless really wet, any unseen dust or dirt will scratch. Other thing I find is if they are not wetted they can stick to or pull the film on the clip with risk of film being pulled onto the floor - I’ve done it!

If you must squeegee your film, dip your fingers in photoflo or stabilizer and use your fingers as a squeegee, but best is just leave well alone, use photoflo for B&W or stabilizer for color and these will get rid of the water.