Rollei Retro 80S - 120 Film

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
E.T. (Manchester, GB)
Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Accreditation Handles: Instagram: @ellisthooooomas
Nice film, didn't blow me away.

I enjoyed using 80s in 120, but the results look quite flat to my eye. Grain is very fine, and the film renders things sharp, but I'm not a big fan of the contrast/tones. Obviously this is a matter of preference

Jason H. (Slough, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Architecture
Accreditation Handles: Jason Harris
Great B&W film - but needs careful loading, and no tab at end of film.

This is a great B&W film with good contrast and easy to develop at home. Only used 1 film so far, and it might have been me not loading it into my Rolleiflex correctly, but the last image was at the very very end of the roll, meaning that there was no buffer left to clip a film drying clip without spoiling the last image. Will try to load the next one more carefully to see if it was my mistake. Also, when the film was finished, there was no self-adhesive tab to hold the rolled film in place after taking out of the camera. Thankfully I had the original sticker from the roll before loading, so was able to stick the end of the film down, but without that, there is a risk that the exposed film may unravel. Will be interesting to see if the next rolls have the same issues.

Peter K. (Carnforth, GB)
Perfect for: Portraits, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Studio work, Low light/Night
Beautiful but challenging

This is a fabulously contrasty film but you really need to be careful with the highlights and shadows. Its great in most developers but I find that in Rodinal its a bit much. Having said that, the attached files, shot with a Yashica Mat TLR were developed in Rodinal 1:100 semi stand for 60mins. I have a bulk roll of retro 400s and both these films can be pushed and are both some of the most bold films I have used. The difference is the lack of grain in the 80s. I would recommend this film in a heartbeat but like I said, be very careful with the shadows and highlights.

C.S. (Eastbourne, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture, Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: mycreativecorner
Rollei Retro 80

Being an avid experimenter with different negative films, I thought I would give Rollei Retro 80s a try ( also a good price!) As is my norm these days the film was processed in 510 Pyro. My initial thoughts were the negatives were quite contrasty. Once scanned I was amazed at the amount of detail the negatives held from deep shadow to brightest highlights, the film exhibits very fine smooth grain. This is certainly a film I will purchase again.

Peter K. (Heysham, GB)
Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Good but very contrasty

Red window compatibility very good which is handy because it was shot on a zeiss ikoflex tlr with a little red window. It was developed In id-11
I like this film but it was very contrasty. I plan on using it again and have a roll of 35mm waiting. The grain is fine and it develops nicely in id-11. I am not quite sure where it gets the "retro" tag from but purely as an identifier it partners the brilliant (and better imo) retro 400s very nicely. It is a lovely film. The sharpness is good and the grain is virtually invisible but I found the shadows to be very dark and highlights need protecting. I think, if you have a specific purpose in mind this film is superb, It is after all a little bit different, but as a daily film, there are others that give you more options

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