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Rollei Superpan 200 - 35mm Film

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Creatively flexible - this is a 35mm film that can be shot as normal black and white, transparency black and white, OR infrared (when paired with strong red filters)! So if you're not sure yet of your final vision but want options, this is the emulsion for you.



Format: 35mm
Colour: B&W
Type: Negative
ISO: 200
Exposures: 36
Pack size: 1


To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Rollei Superpan over on EMULSIVE.


As a company Rollei is most famous for it's cameras - particularly the iconic twin-lens Rolleiflex - but this German-based company founded in 1920 has also had a long history of making B&W films. Unfortunately the parent company didn't survive the digital revolution of the 90s/00s but the brand survives today under licence to AgfaPhoto - who continue to support emulsions old and new.

For more information about the brand check out our bio of Rollei

Sample images (c) Hyun Woo Kang and Max Chang


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Customer Reviews

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Peter Neal
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: Twitter @PeteNeal9

Rollei Superpan 200 has a lovely tone, but in my experience with it (my first and only time) it lacked the sharpness I was hoping for. However as a caveat I should confess that it was also my first time using my Zorki 11 camera, and perhaps that also takes a little getting used to. I may need to use it in another camera to be able to judge properly. As I think some other reviewers have alluded to, Superpan 200 is nice when you catch it just right, but can be dull when you don't. I'd be likely to revert to the consistency of Rollei RPX100.

Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Travel
Super film, but watch the metering!

Very sharp, high contrast and responds well to filtration. But you need to meter carefully or it can blow highlights or become very grainy.. Handy for Infra red if you're in the mood....

ian simpson
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Landscapes, Creative/Abstract
Fantastic versatile film

I shot a roll of this, mainly as infra red, but also as normal bw film. With a 720 IR filter i overexposed by 5 stops and as normal film simply exposed at 200. I developed it in Rodinol 1.50 for 17 mins and the results were superb. Very fine grain and lots of smooth contrast. The only thing to be aware of is the thinness of the film. It takes a bit of effort to load it onto a developing spool. All in all, it is a great multi-purpose film that also gives superb ir results. Even better than Rollei's own IR film.

Ben Hutchings
Perfect for: Landscapes, Creative/Abstract
Great IR capable all-rounder.

I bought this film solely for the purpose of trying out some IR photography without splashing cash on the more expensive IR 'branded' films. The data sheet (search for "AVIPHOT PAN 200") shows it as usable up to 750nm, so it's fine with the fairly common R72 filters (720nm). Again as this was a test I didn't want to fork out for genuine R72 filter, so went with an Amazon special for about 1/4th the price.

Really happy with the results. I need to shoot another roll now I know how it behaves. I trusted the in-camera metering for exposure, and adjusted focus based on the lens IR marking.

Perfect for: Street Photography, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Needs to be metered properly!

I found this to be quite an odd film. Some shots came out really well, others less so. When it was right, it was lovely and contrasty, when it wasn't... I found it to have some blown out highlights and became a bit grainy. Having said that, I'm not sure it was all the film's fault - some of it may have been down to how I was metering with my aperture priority Yashica; I think Superpan may just be less forgiving than some films. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and giving it 4* as I think with a bit more careful metering I could get more out of it.