Santa Rae 1000 - 120 Film

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anne M. (Brentford, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles: @version3point1
Surprisingly wonderful

Great contrast and amazingly low grain for ISO 1000, leaving me wanting more each time I put it through the Hasselblad 500C/M.

donald b. (Streatham, GB)
Perfect for: Portraits, Street Photography, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles: Hairy bloke with a camera
Lush fabbness

The more I use this film the more I want to use it . Great in low light or indoors. Lush deep tones, fine detail and tight grain.

Jessica G. (Grimsby, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Landscapes, Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Architecture, Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles:

I got the three pack of rolls to try when I ordered this, and I used one in my Ricohmatic 225 and another in the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator... and I was not disappointed with either one. With Ricohmatic 225 I shot the film at 800 ISO due to that being the furthest the camera goes, and developed the film in Ilford ID-11 for 11.5 minutes. For the film used in the Pinhole, I also developed it in Ilford ID-11 but for 13.5 minutes per the guidelines on the Massive Dev Chart. The film is great for a variation of scenarios and weather conditions, I shot mine over the weekend in the rain, and got some great results filled with strong contrast and little grain. The images almost have a vintage look to them which I love, especially in the ones with architecture around my home town.

Image 1: Ricohmatic 225
Image 2: Diana Multi Pinhole Operator

Aleksi (Kouvola, FI)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Portraits, Street Photography, Architecture, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles:
Speedy film with good contrast

The film has nice contrast and surprisingly low grain for being ISO 1000 film! There aren't that many fast films in 120 format so it's a nice option for shooting this instead of Delta 3200 or pushing slower films. You can shoot the film at EI 100-1000 on a same roll without issues if you develop it in semi stand!

The only negative I have with this film is the extremely thin film base. It makes the film really hard to get in the developing tank. On a plus side it dries really flat so it's good for scanning.

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