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Washi I - 120 Film

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Washi I is the latest emulsion to be brought to still photography by the genius behind Film Washi.

"I" ws originally used for industrial non-destructive tests like quality-checking construction welding. Being coated on each side of its thick blue polyester base and whitout anti-halation layer, it will give a very special look to your pictures!



Format: 120
Colour: B&W
Type: Negative
ISO: 80
Exposures: 16
Pack size: 1


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Customer Reviews

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Ian T
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Couldn't Get It To Work.

Such a shame, and a waste of money.

First roll was put through my 645n. Developed in Diafine as the data sheet was a bit sparse, and I usually use Diafine when I'm not sure. I also wanted to try shooting it at 100 to see how it fared vs the 80 "box" speed.

The results were awful (see photos of the clown & cat) with some sort of splotchy mess covering the image. At first I thought it was bad washing/drying, but these marks are on the emulsion.

Thought it might be due to Diafine, so the 2nd roll went through a Rolleiflex Automat and were developed in Ilford DD-X as for HP5. The results were nowhere near as bad (RH edge of the road photo) but still not the quality I was expecting for £10/roll.

I've developed Tri-X and HP5 in-between the two Washi I rolls with perfect results and no splotches, so I know my process and chemistry are fine.

The film is very contrasty too. Don't try and take any kind of picture with the sky and the land in it if you want any sort of definition in both.

Am a huge fan of Washi F, S & Z but this stuff is no good as is.