Analogue Television: The Lomography Interview

By Paul McKay

We were thrilled to welcome Charlotte, Head of Marketing for Lomography, to the show last night!

If you didn't have the opportunity to watch along live then you can catch up below:

We discussed Lomography's history, talked about their new film launches, as well as what might be coming in the future!

New Films!

In the past two weeks Lomography have announced two new films that should be hitting stores in the summer.


Lomography Fantome 35mm film is a high-contrast, dramatic and low-speed film. Wonderful for creating epic silhouettes and experimental shots. Probably best to shoot in bright light (or with a tripod!) and you'll definitely need a manual camera to make the most of its incredible aesthetic.

Lomography Babylon 35mm film has more subtle contrast and greyscale than Fantome. Marginally faster than Fantome at ISO 13, you will still need a manual camera and careful lighting to avoid excessive blur, but the results will be well-worth the effort!

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