Ilford Announce ORTHO PLUS 80 Film in 35mm and 120


31st October update: the films are now AVAILABLE TO BUY! Head here to place your order 


After weeks of teasers and guesses, Ilford have today confirmed that they are bringing a new film to market: Ortho Plus 80 in both 35mm and 120 medium format!

Ilford Ortho 80 35mm and 120 Films | Analogue Wonderland


What is Ortho Film?

Ortho is short for 'Orthochromatic' which means that this B&W film is sensitive to all colours in the visible light spectrum apart from red!

There are two main benefits to Ortho film:

1) Landscapes look wonderfully dramatic thanks to the film's focused sensitivity on blue and green

2) The film can be handled under red safelight in the darkroom without becoming over-exposed or foggy. This makes developing and experimenting with the film much easier!

We already stock some Ortho B&W film (like the Rollei Ortho 25) but nothing with this high an ISO. So Ilford's Ortho Plus 80 immediately becomes the fastest and most versatile Ortho B&W film in our range :-)


Ortho 80 Sample Shot | (c) Natalie Oberg | Analogue Wonderland

(c) Natalie Oberg on Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film


When can I buy Ortho Plus 80?

We will get our first batch in early November, exact date tbc. You can sign up for stock notifications on the product pages for 35mm Film and 120 Film to be the FIRST to know when it lands!

Of course as the date nears and we get confirmation of the Big Day then we will keep everyone updated via our social media channels.

 Ortho 80 Sample Shot | (c) MattParryPhotoFilm | Analogue Wonderland

(c) Matt Parry Photo Film on Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film


Can I pre-order?

We have decided to not accept pre-orders in case there are issues with delivery dates and to avoid people paying multiple shipping costs if they bundle with other films.

But we have ordered a HUGE amount of stock: so signing up for stock notifications on the product pages will allow you to get involved with the first batch as soon as it lands.


I'm excited!

I know - us too!

Now if you're looking for something fun to play with while you wait for the stock to land then we've just made the Harman 35mm film camera available on-site. Created by the same company behind Ilford and Kentmere: two rolls of Kentmere, a battery for the flash and a wrist-strap are all included. A wonderfully cheerful little starter camera for slipping in a pocket or gifting to someone curious about film photography... you can find it here :-)

Harman Resuable 35mm Film Camera

Further Reading

You can read even more about the Ortho Plus film, see more sample shots, and  explore a couple of other Ilford product announcements on EMULSIVE's in-depth article here


Happy Shooting!
- Paul and Mary

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  • Charles: October 28, 2019

    This looks such a nice film it looks like it gives more contrast on a darker day while in the sun it’s a more classic look.I’ll defo be getting some.

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