Kentmere 120 - available in the UK

By Paul McKay

The iconic brand Kentmere has launched both of their best-selling emulsions in medium format!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Kentmere range of films in 120 format. You can now buy Kentmere Pan400 120 film and Kentmere Pan100 120 film directly from Analogue Wonderland 😍 and get it developed simply and easily in the WonderLab

Kentmere black & white photographic films and papers are manufactured by HARMAN technology Ltd at their site in Mobberley, Cheshire.

They are subject to the same rigorous processes as the company’s ILFORD branded products and are an excellent entry point into the world of analogue film photography. Kentmere Pan 100 and 400, already available in 24 and 36 exposure 35mm cassettes and 35mm bulk length rolls, offer some of the best value films on the market.

We are now pleased to be able to offer that same level of quality, value, and consistency to all medium format photographers.

Kentmere 400 120 film - sample photo

(c) Matt Parry shot on new Kentmere Pan400 120 film



Who are Kentmere?


Kentmere Photographic, a small UK based paper manufacturer, was acquired by HARMAN technology Ltd in 2007. Kentmere production was moved to HARMAN’s Mobberley plant and integrated alongside the world- famous ILFORD brand of black & white films, papers, and chemicals.

Today, the Kentmere brand includes 35mm and 120 films as well as Resin Coated darkroom papers, which provide an excellent entry point into analogue film photography.


Kentmere range

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