Introducing New Ferrania Films for 120 and 35mm Black and White Photography Enthusiasts!

By Karen Freer

We're over the moon to announce our latest additions to the Analogue Wonderland B&W range: Ferrania P30 in 120 format, and the all-new Ferrania Orto 35mm film.



Ferrania P30 120 Film: Elevate Your Medium Format Game


Following the roaring success of Ferrania P30 in 35mm, we present to you Ferrania P30 120 film – a medium format marvel. This exquisite panchromatic ISO 80 B&W emulsion-based film draws inspiration from the mid-20th-century cinema formula, promising high-contrast negatives with barely a hint of visible grain.

Mark C Warner Ferrania P30 35mm Film sample of bed with daylight shining on from the window

(c) Mark C Warner | captured on Ferrania P30 35mm

Whether you're a seasoned medium format pro or just starting out on your analogue adventure, the new Ferrania P30 120 film is your golden ticket to capturing stunning images bursting with depth and character. Its knack for bringing out deep shadows and sharp highlights ensures that every frame tells a unique and unforgettable story.



Ferrania Orto 35mm Film: A Nod to Timeless Elegance


A loving tribute to the classic orthochromatic style that defined an era. Crafted using the same historic 20th Century cinema formula, this low-light 50 ISO film brings you 36 exposures of pure photographic joy.

What makes Ferrania Orto 35mm a standout? It's all about that high silver content and subtle grain. Together, they work their magic to capture dreamy, atmospheric images bursting with rich contrast and character. Think back to the early days of silent cinema when film stocks were sensitive to blue light – that's orthochromatic in action. Hollywood used cosmetics to "fix" actors' appearances on screen back then. Today, these very "imperfections" are the artistic quirks that give contemporary orthochromatic films their unique charm.

Ferrania Orto Image Samples

(c) | "My favourite images are the ones within the gallery even at 50 ISO with there being limited natural light I love the contrast and emphasise on detailing around the gold frames. The contrast lends itself beautifully to textured and tactile imagery too!"

 Ferrania Orto image sample, a hand on a bricked wall


It's also very different in look to the latest addition, as we show in our Ferrania P33 film review



Experience the enchantment of Ferrania films for yourself and unlock your inner creativity. Want to see our entire B&W Film Collection? Click Here. Need your B&W film processed? Then head over to our Lab page, select your film format first, then B&W development.

Welcome to the friendly world of timeless photography!

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