New Films: Birthday MADNESS!

By Paul McKay

Following on from the fun of the 'Year's Supply of Film Giveaway' and the launch of Berlin 35mm, we have decided to bring you THREE bits of news in one massive Birthday-Festival lump!

 1. CatLABS X80: B&W 120 Film

CatLABS X80 120 Film

The newest medium format film on the block, this ISO80 B&W film is flexible and fun: great for everything from studio shoots to street sessions. The first wave of limited stock is available now! An emulsion not available under any other brands and only recently announced, we are delighted to have some stock for our customers already.


2. Fukkatsu 110 Film: B&W and Colour

Fukkatsu Colour 400 110 Film

The mysterious brand that was announced to great fanfare in 2012...and which disappeared without a trace three months later, leaving behind empty shelves and broken hearts...until now! The FPP have uncovered the (cold-stored) products that were made but never hit market and we have persuaded them to let us sell some to our customers :-) There is limited stock in the first wave so don't wait - and if demands proves to be strong then I'm sure Mike will let us have some more!


3. Bulk Rolls of 35mm Film: Ilford, Kodak, Washi

Ilford HP5 Plus 35mm Bulk Roll of Film

We have been working on bringing bulk rolls to our store for a loong time - and we are thrilled that we've pulled our finger out and made it happen! Especially because - along with the usual Ilford and Kodak culprits - we've been able to include some Washi ('A' and 'S') to the range.

Link to buy Washi S bulk roll of 35mm film

So for experienced shooters looking to economise by rolling their own 35mm, or for photographers experimenting with bulk for the first time - head over to choose your starting point! And if you've never heard of bulk rolls before we highly recommend Matt Day's excellent introduction that can be found here.


What's Next for the Birthday Festival?

We have lots of fun activities planned for Saturday - which is the specific day that we officially turn 1 - so don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join in the festivities!

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