Fukkatsu Film

What is Fukkatsu Film?

Fukkatsu (meaning 'Revival' in Japanese) was a brand announced by an Asian company called 'Films Reborn' in early 2012.

This sparked much excitement as 110 shooters around the world got to access brand new film for their beloved cameras BUT just a few short months later (July 2012) the company disappeared! The retailers who had bought into the first wave of stock quickly ran out with no way to replace and no-one could contact the representatives of the company. Mysterious and surprising, and until now that has been the end of the story.

BUT the FPP in the US have recently acquired stock of Fukkatsu that had been left in cold-storage since 2012! Technically expired 12/2018 but gorgeously preserved. Grab your slice of analogue history today and start shooting!

Fukkatsu Colour - 110 Film - Expired
Sold Out
Fukkatsu B&W - 110 Film - Expired
Sold Out