North American Expansion - sending film around the world!

By Paul McKay

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring good news. From today you can buy film from Analogue Wonderland for delivery in the USA or Canada!

So whether you are looking to pick up some European rarities like KONO!, Yodica or Dubble - or the London classic Kosmo Foto Mono - it can now all be done from the comfort of your North American sofas (sorry: couches) 

Deliveries will be sent Signed and Tracked for peace of mind, for just £10 (which at the time of writing is $13.31 USD or $17.42 CAD). Shipping rates reduce for orders over £75 and are free for orders over £150! Typically this will arrive with you 7-10 working days from receiving your dispatch email. You will receive the tracking number as soon as your lovely film is on its way so you can check its progress from Analogue Wonderland HQ all the way straight to your home.

So please browse, peruse, and otherwise get involved! If there are any films you're looking to buy that you can't find then please drop us a line. But we hope that among the 35mm, medium format, infrared, APS, 110, large format, creative colours, B&W classicsredscale, slide, Instax and Polaroid, you will find something that suits your taste...

Happy Shooting!

overview of some of the 35mm films available to buy at Analogue Wonderland

Featured image for blog cover (c) Brian Crawford and licensed under CC 2.0

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