APS (Advanced Photo System) Film

June 2020 Update:

Unfortunately we are no longer able to source APS film we could reasonably be certain would deliver reliable images. The format has been discontinued for a full ten years now and the films that still exist unexposed have deteriorated over time! We may still occasionally get a good batch (to be found below) so if this is important to you then please keep checking back.


In 1996, APS film was advertised as “the future of photography”. That is until it was discontinued in 2011, thanks to the digital revolution rolling right over it.

So what is APS film? And what made it so special? It was a modern (at the time) format that was an upgrade from the pervasive 35mm film format. It would magnetically imprint extra data, like the date, time and shutter speed, onto the film.

Unfortunately we don't have any available any more - it is proving too difficult to source appropriately-stored and reliable stocks. If that changes then we will add them back in!