The Latest Episodes of Analogue Television

We're continuing to enjoy a weekly film photography get-together on our YouTube channel!

Every Thursday evening, starting shortly after 8pm, Paul has been chatting to film photographers from all over the industry - if you missed out at the time then they are available below for catch-up! Below we summarise the last three episodes featuring a wonderful mix of photographers and brands.

Episode 5 - Hamish from 35mmc

Hamish, Paul and Marina spent a happy two hours (after an initial microphone glitch!) discussing what makes 'good' photography, how Hamish ended up running one of the biggest film blogs in the world, and what lies in the future for Pixl-Latr.

Ilford are one of the most-loved UK film brands, with a long history of producing incredible products for photographers and artists. Paul and Graeme caught up with Michelle (Digital Marketing) and Giles (Sales and Marketing Director) to understand how recent product launches have been received, as well as what's next in the plans!

Paul was rejoined by Marina to grill Rachel on how she started her analogue photography business 'Little Vintage Photography', what inspires her to shoot film and teach others, and why making a darkroom at home doesn't need to be as scary as you'd think!

We also discussed pinhole photography and how it can be created from items in your house - which is only reinforced by our recent blog article from Dale Willetts: 'Making a Pinhole Camera from Analogue Wonderland Packaging'!

Over the coming weeks we will spend time with Matt Day, Sam from Solarcan, Dan Rubin, Howard from West Yorkshire Cameras and more! If this is at all interesting then please head over to our Youtube channel and hit subscribe :-)

Happy Shooting - and watching!
- Paul and Mary


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