The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners

By Emma Lloyd

As we all know, film photography has experienced a resurgence in recent years. From 35mm film, roll film to even large format, there has been a rise in popularity across the board. One of the most sought after forms of analogue photography has been instant film, Polaroid and Fujifilm being the key players in this field. But with so many different camera models available, how do you choose the right one? In this blog post, we’ll compare the difference between Fujifilm Instax cameras that we sell, to help you pick the right Instax camera for you! For more on Polaroid cameras, head to our Polaroid Camera Guide, or for a grounding in all camera types check out our Beginner's Guide Part One: Film Cameras.



Are Instax Cameras good?

Short answer: yes! Instax cameras are fabulous little machines, they make Instant photography far more accessible for everyone. Fuji Instax cameras are simple, and very easy to use, making them suitable for experienced analogue photographers and aspiring enthusiasts alike. Instax cameras are so easy to use, that they come highly recommended as the best cameras for children. Are instax cameras worth it? Yes again! They are a much more affordable alternative to Polaroid film, with the same magical analogue feeling. Instax film packs come with ten shots, in comparison Polaroid film only includes 8- so you get a lot more 'bang for your buck'!

Some photographers are confident enough in the quality to build them into their work, for example shooting weddings on instax cameras!



Instax Film Sizes


Before we get into the different Instax cameras available at Analogue Wonderland, let’s give a quick overview of the different film types they take. There are three sizes of Instax film available- Instax Mini, Instax Square and Instax Wide. You can see the difference between the sizes in the picture below.

If you would like to learn more about the different Instax film formats, check out our blog here Everything you Need to know about Fujifilm Instax Films.

The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Fujifilm Instax Size Comparison


Mini film offers the classic photo size at and is roughly the size of a credit card. The square format has the more traditional instant film look, and is slightly smaller than standard Polaroid size film. The wide format is the largest of the lot, and is great for more expansive landscape style photos, or for when you want to capture more detail in your shots.

The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Instax Wide monochrome film

We sell a variety of the Fuji Instax film, including their monochrome selection. Instax also produces other fun limited editions, like polka dot film, or films with different colourful borders, so you can customise your photography even more! So keep an eye out for stock updates and new releases 👀


How many Instax Cameras are there?


Fujifilm’s Instax cameras are among some of the best selling cameras in the world! There have been over ten iterations of the camera since its launch, and that is not even including Fujifilm’s Instax Printers. Currently at Analogue Wonderland we are selling four of Fujifilm’s top selling Instax cameras- the Instax Mini 9, the Instax Mini 11, the Instax Mini 40 and the Instax Wide 300.

The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Analogu Wonderland Instax Camera range


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9


The Instax Mini range is very popular for analogue enthusiasts as well as amateur and beginner film photographers. They are small and compact, making them easy to travel with and take to places like parties and gatherings. They take Instax Mini film, which is the smallest of the Fujifilm Instax range, approximately the size of a credit card. They make wonderful momentos to make your memories and special moments into tangible souvenirs!

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera is small, but mighty! This camera was released in 2017, so is one of the earlier models of the Instax Mini series. But don’t be fooled, this adorable little camera still packs a punch! It comes with automatic exposure adjustment so you can quickly get the perfect shot, and fun features like selfie mode.

 The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Fujifilm Instax Mini 9


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11  the later model of the Instax mini series, released in 2020. This model has had a major upgrade and redesign by Fujifilm. With features like automatic exposure control, you can shoot with confidence, while the built-in selfie timer makes it easy to take amazing selfies! What’s more, you can even add creative effects with the new Close-up Lens and Macro mode to take your photos to a whole new level.

The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| FujiFilm Instax Mini 11 in lilac


Fujifilm Instax Mini 40


The Fujifilm Instax mini 40 is a very popular Instax camera of choice. It has a sleek, stylish appearance and looks more like a ‘traditional’ analogue camera, compared to the bright and colourful variations of the other Instax mini designs. It takes Instax Mini film.

It comes with several features- a selfie mirror, high performance lens and a soft shutter release button. The camera also has an automatic exposure control which will ensure your pictures look clear and well lit.

The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Fujifilm Instax Mini 40


Fujifilm Instax Wide 300


If you want to have a bigger impact with your Instax, then the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 might be the camera for you! This camera takes Instax wide film, which is approximately two times larger than the standard Instax mini film, allowing you to capture more, and in more detail.

This camera has a much wider viewfinder, so you can capture as much detail as possible in your photos. It also comes with an integrated flash and easy-to-use controls, so taking stunning shots won't be hard at all! The Instax wide 300 also has special features such as double exposure and landscape modes for even better personalisation.

This camera is great for capturing landscapes, group shots and wide angle scenes, where more detail is necessary. It also has a built in flash and tripod mount, perfect for those looking to level up their Instax photography.

 The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Fujifilm Instax Wide 300


Instax Camera Model Comparison


Instax Mini 9Instax Mini 11Instax Mini 40Instax Wide 300
Film TypeInstax MiniInstax Mini  Instax MiniInstax Wide 
Batteries 2 x AA (included) 2 x AA (included) 2 x AA (included) 2 x AA (included)
Height 120.9mm
Width 167.8mm
Weight 307g 293g 330g 612g
StrapHand Strap includedWrist strap IncludedHand strap includedShoulder strap included
ExposureManual switching system (LED indicator in exposure meter)Auto ExposureAuto Exposure  Auto Exposure
FlashConstant firing flashConstant Firing flashConstant Firing FlashAuto flash, Fill in flash
Selfie ModeSelfie MirrorSelfie Lens, Selfie MirrorSelfie Lens, Selfie Mirror --
Macro ModeClose up Lens attachmentUse Selfie Mode Use Selfie ModeUse Selfie attachment
Lighting Modes-- --  --Hi Key Mode (lighten mode)
Low Key Mode (darken moder)
Shutter Speeds1/60 sec Programmed electronic shutter release - 1/2 to 1/250 secondProgrammed electronic shutter release - 1/2 to 1/250 second Programmed electronic shutter release - 1/64 to 1/200 second
Lens Focus Range2 components, 2 elements, f = 60 mm, 1:12.7Normal mode- 0.3m and beyond
Selfie mode 0.3m to 0.5m
Normal mode- 0.3m and beyond
Selfie mode- 0.3m to 0.5m
Normal mode 0.9m to 3m
Landscape mode- 3m and beyond
Additional FeaturesColours available at AW: Ice BlueColours available at AW: Blush pink Lilac purple, Ice White, Sky blue, Charcoal grey  LCD Screen


For an even more detailed comparison, head to the official Instax site here.



Fujifilm Instax Cameras: FAQs

Do Instax cameras need batteries?

Yes, Instax cameras need batteries. The Instax Cameras we sell- the Instax Mini 9, the Instax Mini 11, the Instax Mini 40 and the Instax Wide 300 all take AA batteries.

Are instax cameras digital?

No, Instax cameras are purely analogue. However, Instax have released some printers which sync up to your phone via bluetooth and allow you to print digital photos onto Instax film, but you won’t find them here at Analogue Wonderland!

Are Instax cameras Polaroid?

No, this is a common misunderstanding. Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid are two completely separate brands and their products also work quite differently, using unique chemical formulas. Polaroid is a long established brand name, more commonly associated with Instant film, and as Fuji Instax films similarly replicate that iconic instant camera look- the brand names are often mixed up!

Are Instax cameras allowed on planes?

Yes, you can fly with Instax cameras, however as with all film, you should be careful when going through security checks at the airport as some of the x-rays may cause damage to your film. For more information on how to travel with film, check out our blog here.

Are Instax cameras waterproof?

No, Instax cameras are not waterproof! So please be careful with them if you are capturing your holiday fun at the beach or pool. You can buy waterproof cases for them on the internet, however Instax don’t sell any official waterproof accessories themselves, so proceed with caution!

Do Instax cameras have a timer?

Some of the later Instax cameras do have a timer feature, such as the Instax mini Evo. However we do not sell these models (yet). For Instant cameras with self timer features, check out some of our Polaroid cameras.

Do Instax cameras have a memory card?

No, these Instax cameras are purely analogue!


Which Instax camera is the newest?

The latest release from Fujifilm’s Instax is the Instax Mini Evo, which was released in December 2021. The latest version of the Instax family available at Analogue Wonderland is the Instax Mini 11 which was released in March 2020, and is the latest version of the iconic colourful Instax Mini range.


Do Instax cameras come with film?

The Instax Mini 40 camera comes with film included. Each pack of Instax mini film includes 10 shots, you can see our range of Instax film here.



Conclusion: Which Fujifilm Instax Camera is Best for You?


The Ultimate Instax Camera Guide For Beginners| Picture of Karen and her dog teddy taken on Instax Wide Film

So what Instax camera is best? That very much depends on the type of photographer you are, and the kinds of photos you want to create! We are certain that there is a Fujifilm Instax camera for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer. Consider what features are important to you, such as the size of the camera, the size of the film, and additional features like a selfie mirror or timer. Whatever your needs, Fujifilm Instax cameras are a fun and easy way to capture memories and create tangible keepsakes.

And if you are still not sure which Instax camera to buy after reading this blog, then why not read our Polaroid Camera Guide? Or feel free to get in touch with us for some more advice and recommendations!

Happy Shooting! 📸😁

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