The WINNERS of 'Focus On The Positives' Ektachrome competition!

By Paul McKay

'Focus On The Positives' - the Winners!

Thanks to the hundreds of films photographers who submitted photos and Top Tips to our recent slide film competition. The quality was outstanding and the competition was fierce.

Here we have the video announcement, counting down the TOP TEN entries!



There are 8 Honourable Mentions who will each get some Ektachrome 35mm, and 2 Grand Prize Winners who will get a lovely bundle of Kodak Film goodies. All prizes are courtesy of Kodak Alaris: the winners should watch our for an email coming their way this week!

We also cover the Top Tips for Slide Photography that people submitted: how to get the best out of slide film and any common issues to avoid.

Thanks once more to Kodak Alaris and SilverPan Film Lab for their support. Also please note that SilverPan have offered to honour the E6 processing discount cards until the end of 2019 - so you have nearly four months still to shoot your slide film and send it off to them.


Enjoy! Paul and Mary




Links as promised to the Kodak Professional app on Apple Store and the Play Store

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