DubbleFilm Bubblegum Review

By Paul McKay

As one of the September films included in the Analogue WonderBox Film Subscription, we wanted to share a summary of the community thoughts, recommendations and images - combined into one simple Dubblefilm Bubblegum review!

Sweet Nostalgia

Dubblefilm Bubblegum is one of our 'creative' 35mm films. This means that it has a pre-exposed tint applied to the emulsion which directly affects the images as you take them!

Bubblegum's specific flavour of tint is a light purple/pink/blue that infuses your photos with a gorgeous and subtle warmth. If you read the Dubblefilm Bubblegum reviews on the product page you will see quotes like "beautiful nostalgic look" and "sweet warmth" and this is definitely the experience of many shooters.

DubbleFilm Bubblegum Review - Sample Photo

(c) Dubblefilm

DubbleFilm Bubblegum Review - Sample Photo

(c) Dubblefilm

Scanning Issues

At the same time it is worth mentioning the multiple occasions when people's results look either 'normal' i.e. without any noticeable tint, or slightly green.

This is most frequently caused by scanning with an automatic colour correction - either with a lab or at home with scanning software. Because the tint is applied directly to the negative, automated software does not necessarily recognise that this is a Dubblefilm Bubblegum image and will often try and remove the tint to maintain 'ideal' white balance. This may be successful or it will force the entire image too far the other way and artificially introduce greens into the photo.

The solution is fortunately simple: ask your lab/scanner for a scan without any automatic colour correction. If it's a lab then explain what film you're using and the results you expect. And if you're inverting colours at home then just be aware that any software trying to make the results look like Portra might be accidentally successful!

Maximising the Beauty

There are also some key things to consider for optimising your results.

Because our brains are very clever at doing their own automatic colour correction, you want to point Dubblefilm Bubblegum at subjects where we intuitively understand the white balance of the scene, and therefore notice that the tint is visible.

So landscapes, street shots and portraits are all PERFECT!

Close-ups, still lifes, abstract - maybe less so.

DubbleFilm Bubblegum Review - Sample Photo

Further Inspiration

Head over to Instagram to check out the #dubblefilm_bubblegum hashtag or visit Dubblefilm's website to learn more about its genesis.

DubbleFilm Bubblegum Review - Sample Photo

(c) Jordan

In Summary

The short summary of this Dubblefilm Bubblegum review is that you get brilliantly unique images with gorgeous warmth as long as you're careful not to overexpose and blow-out the tint, and when you're specific about scanning :-)

For further community thoughts, reviews, and sample photos then head to the product page below:

Ilford Pan F Plus Film 35mm B&W ISO 50 - Analogue Wonderland

DubbleFilm Bubblegum Review - Sample Photo

If you found this article informative then check out our other WonderBox film reviews here: https://analoguewonderland.co.uk/blogs/best-film

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