The Lab is Moving! 🤩 (Two Doors Down)

By Paul McKay

We have an announcement today that you might already have spotted on Instagram... Over the past couple of months we have built a brand new unit for our photo lab.

A modern space for a modern film lab!

We took over an empty unit two doors down from HQ, and fitted it with bespoke plumbing, high capacity electricity, super-fast internet, and two (!) darkrooms - ready for a fantastic summer of film photography magic.

This will allow us to process more of your films with fast turnaround, great results, and a wider variety of chemistry options. The main office and warehouse isn't going anywhere, and you'll still send your films to the same address (Unit 12).

However - as you can see from the photo above - we haven't yet moved across the equipment and machinery! The plan is to do that this coming week (8th-12th April).






There is a short-term impact on turnarounds in our lab as we start to close down machinery, clean it, and lock it ready for being wheeled down the road. And in the new unit we will need to plug everything in, reload chemistry, and run a battery of quality tests before putting through any of your films.

We will keep our turnaround page updated with all the details so please continue to use that as the definitive source of information.

If you have an urgent need for your films - based on a deadline, or client request, or personal need - then please let us know and we will expedite your order.

Thank you very much for your support - and follow us on Instagram to see all the behind-the-scenes of the move and new lab!


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  • Good luck with the new project guys! I’m waiting for you to process my first 110 film after many years.

    I do wish you would consider processing Minox 8 11 film (spy cameras). It’s entered a bit of a revival but I have to send film to US for processing. I tried someone advertising on eBay and it was not good. Here’s hoping 🤞Thanks

    Barrie Mahoney

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