Analogue photography is a timeless art form that has been around for over a century. Despite the rise of digital photography, there is still a community of photographers who prefer the look and feel of film. At Analogue Wonderland, we are proud to support and nurture this community.

To help spread the love for analogue photography, we have assembled a team of brand ambassadors who share our passion for film.

This is a growing team which we hope will become a diverse group of photographers from all over the UK, each with their unique style and perspective.

Our brand ambassadors are more than just photographers. They inspire others to pick up a film camera and start shooting, and they encourage us to experiment and push the boundaries of analogue photography.

Whether you are a seasoned film photographer or new to the world of analogue, our brand ambassadors are here to guide and inspire you.

Together, we can put the soul back into photography.

Clare Williams

She Hearts Film Facebook Group Moderator

Clare has always enjoyed taking photos. Being an 80's baby, she acquired her first film camera when she was 9 or 10 for a school camping trip. It was a compact point and shoot that took 110 film.
Ever since then she always tries to have a camera with her.

Instagram: thegladsatsuma_onfilm

Neil Piper

Club AW Facebook Group Moderator

Neil predominantly works with alternate processes to create images. He uses a variety of pinhole cameras - sometimes commercially produced, sometimes homemade.

Instagram: neil_piper


Georgia Alexander

I'm Georgia, I started film photography in spring 2023 when I borrowed a Pentax ME on my very first photowalk with London Camera Project. I was so keen that the roll of Fomapan 100 I was given had finished without me realising as I kept snapping the camera on the last frame, for hours! I continued to meet more photographers in the Analogue community, who taught me about vintage cameras. Had keen interests in developing their own negatives and were generous with their gear. Since then I have grown a passion for staying connected with the film community by supporting photowalks and building my own collection of cameras. I particularly enjoy experimenting with the fun elements of toy cameras, especially lomography and getting creative with multiple exposures. I'm looking forward to collaborating with other photographers this year to make our analogue projects more visible within the world of photography.

Instagram: @georgiaoriginalsart

Kikoy Visaya

Hi guys! My name is Kikoy. I started taking film pictures initially because I loved the grainy, nostalgic feel that it gives. My journey started on one of my most prized possessions – a reusable Agfa 35mm reusable camera, purely because I didn’t want to be like everyone else who was going around with disposable cameras. I had to be a little edgier. After a few rolls of fun (which were unfortunately not always well developed and scanned by high street chains that will remain unnamed), a non-weatherproof bag ended up letting rain into my camera. The heartbreak took me about a year to get over, and it wasn’t until I pulled the trigger on a Canon AE-1 Program over Christmas 2023 that I began to start taking film pictures again. I have found so many more reasons to pull people into our community, from the satisfaction of the click of actually taking a picture to the feeling of getting the long-awaited email of our scans being ready. It is such a privilege to be in the company of people who love film as much as I do. Hopefully you – yes, you – will soon too (if you don’t already, of course).

Instagram: @kikoy.jpeg

Tom Warland

Tom Warland is a visual anthropologist specialising in the use of Documentary Photography, Film, and illustration; and also a lecturer at Buckinghamshire College Group. Since graduating from the University of Wales; Newport's Documentary Photography course he has explored traditional and ideas in British society and culture, and has work featured in various publications and exhibited nationally.

Tom also works as a commercial and events photographer documenting working for musical groups such as Breabach, Steve Knightley, & The Phil Beer Band.

Tom has recently completed the MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography course at UAL: London College of Communication where his work was featured by the BBC, and a course in anthropology at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Instagram: @tombobwarland


Sam Davis

Sam lives on the border of England and Wales near Oswestry and offers his services globally. He grew up in the Yorkshire Dales and loves the great outdoors.
His photographic style varies considerably, from black and white studio portraits, to outdoor extreme sports. His passion for adventure, the outdoors and the environment is equally matched by his desire to interact with people. Once having learnt about their ideas, projects and inspiration, he transforms these into a finished piece of visual storytelling.
Sam uses analogue film photography to capture landscapes and nature alongside his digital workflow. Sam believes analogue methods render a more organic, truer to the eye expression of the experience of a place or moment in time than digital photography. Thanks to the high dynamic range of film, little or no editing is needed to produce a finished landscape masterpiece, which suits Sam’s needs perfectly.

Instagram: @samdavisphotographer


Ana Blumenkron

Ana Blumenkron, a Mexican photographer residing in London, discovered her passion for photography at a young age. Experimenting with her family's photo albums at age six, and by thirteen, she received her first camera. Since then, Ana has cultivated both commercial and artistic practices.
In her commercial work, Ana specializes in unit-stills photography, editorial commissions, and personal portraits. She collaborates with clients such as Sky TV, Warner, BBC, The British Museum, Netflix, Millennium Images, UAL, Curzon Cinemas, and Vogue Mexico.
In her artistic endeavors, Ana explores themes of gender roles, sexuality, and romantic relationships through a feminist perspective. She primarily shoots in 35mm color film, enjoying the unpredictability and creative challenge it offers. Ana's work has been recognized internationally, including receiving the Dior Photography Awards for Young Talents, being selected as the best of UK graduates by Photoworks+ and she just published her photobook Valentin at the Photo book Cafe. Her photographs have been exhibited in the UK, France, Japan, China, and Mexico.

Instagram: @blumenkron


Azu Morales

Azu Morales is a Mexico-born photographer who now calls London home.

For over 10 years, she's spent her photography career in editorial, e-commerce, and personal branding photography, these days, she's diving into the world of digital marketing and creating content -but photography remains her true love.

For almost two years, Azu's been obsessed with film. It's more freeing and lets her creativity flow compared to digital. Her mission? Trying every film she can find and making photo journals with her shots.

Love being in front of the camera? Azu wants to do more film portraits! If you're up for a collab, hit her up!

Instagram: @azu.morales

Scott Celli

I’m Scott, I live in the north Highlands of Scotland. I’ve been shooting film for quite a few years now, ever since I found my uncle's Pentax P30N in the cupboard. I shot some rolls through it to test it and fell in love with the whole aesthetic and eventually the mindset when taking photos. My kit has expanded quite a bit now to include a Pentax 6x7, Yashicaflex Model C and a few other bits and pieces!

I mainly do landscape/cityscape shots but love candid shots of my friends. I worked at a summer camp in America last year and used a lot of film and captured plenty of memories with it. It’s nice to have a physical product at the end of your photography shoot(s) which is another reason I love the medium!

I think cinema film is my favourite at the moment. I love shooting Kodak Vison3 500T as well as other expired stocks such as Fuji Eterna 500T and Realla 500D! Another favourite of mine based on cinema film is Cinestill 400D or its cousin, Candido 400. Both are very solid choices of film with spectacular colours! One of my next projects is to do some panoramas with the 6x7 and 35mm cinema film so shall post on my social media when I get round to it!

Instagram: @analogue_canvas

Emma Mcloughlin

Emma is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and writer who finds herself at the intersection of art and science, particularly visual culture and ecology. Her training is broadly academic having studied biology, anthropology, and history and philosophy of science.

After a hand me down analogue camera from her dad introduced her to the joy of film photography, it has long been a hobby. She has self-taught her skills and has an experimental or random approach that welcomes the joy of receiving back the (sometimes) cool effects from ‘mistakes’. 

For Emma, photography is a continual process of being in relation to the world around and within her, and is trying to incorporate photography and visual methods into her research on people’s relationships to nature. 

Currently, she finds herself with her hands in the soil as a gardener at Wimbledon (the tennis place), and is hopefully starting a PhD later this year. 

Instagram: @em.sees

Gabrielle Guy

Gabrielle is an award-winning fine art photographer with over 10 years' experience working between England and the Caribbean. Her practice spans portraiture, documentary, and performance. Some common themes in her work include identity, food, subcultures, and family traditions.  

Gabrielle has worked with a range of individual clients, brands, and businesses on music album covers, marketing, portrait recreations, content creation, and independent research consultancy. 

Gabrielle is currently working on a PhD in Geography at the University of Nottingham. Her research is about family, food, and wellbeing – the photography for which was developed by the AW lab.  

Gabrielle is a Kodak Portra emulsion woman who’s go-to method of shooting is medium format colour film with a Pentax 67. She loves the intentionality of this medium as it is a slower method than 35mm focusing on quality. Her Pentax has accompanied her to Edinburgh, Portugal, Tobago, and the Peak District.

Instagram: @thegabrielleguy


Eva Serksnaite

Eva is a musician and photographer studying at the Royal College of Music. Wanting to get into photography but not being able to afford a digital camera, she bought a cheap 60’s Canon film camera five years ago and never left the film format!

Eva’s work mainly focuses on portraits of musicians. As she identifies as queer, she sees photography as a very important art of self expression and acceptance. This key factor is something she tries to capture in her photography with not only her clients, but in her own recent series of self portraits, exploring themes of growth, acceptance and self expression.

Eva currently shoots on an Olympus OM2 that was handed down to her from her stepfather, as well as a Rolleicord TLR for medium format.

Instagram: @eva.serkinsky

Zoe Wood

Zoe is a 24 year old film photographer from Hertfordshire. She shoots mostly architecture and street photography, but she considers herself to be a bit of an all-rounder and likes to experiment. Some of her goals this year include a feminist photography series, to delve more into portraits, and more double exposures. She shoots film because it makes her think more about her composition and framing. 

Her go-to camera is the Olympus LT-1, but she recently acquired a Yashica mat 124 that she loves. Additionally, she tried APS film for the first time at the She Hearts Film Photowalk, and repaired a Kodak 127 Brownie that she intends to use in the near future! 

Instagram: @creativezoehub

Martin Brown

In the world of captured moments, Martin Brown stands as a master storyteller behind the lens. From his humble beginnings in editorial photography for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine, Martin's journey has unfurled like the aperture of a cherished camera. His canvas knows no bounds, having immortalised models, celebrities, the luminaries of Hollywood's stage and screen and... well, he's also shot weddings. As the official and revered photographer of Horrorcon and portrait maker of film stars worldwide, Martin's work is more than documentation; it's an exploration of the human spirit in its myriad forms. The forms are generally cosplayers, and they're certainly myriad. 

With a preference for rangefinder cameras and an eclectic collection of esoteric and ancient lenses, Martin infuses his images with a timeless allure. Yet, amidst the clicks and flashes, there lies a lesser-known facet of Martin's life—a whimsical pursuit that sees him nurturing trilobites in the art of swimming; a testament to his boundless curiosity and love for the unconventional.

Instagram: @liquidlightwhisperer


Emerzy Corbin

Having spent his life working in London, Emerzy Corbin is a self taught photographer,author, clothing customiser, body painter and Dj  whose work has been featured throughout London's publications and exhibitions over several years. Developing a strong following through his vibrant and quirky style, Emerzy has used London's popular, cosmopolitan culture to create an intimate familiarity with events, venues and galleries within the city.

 Emerzy works with a diverse client base, including MTV Base, Newham Council and Capital Extra., teaching photography skills to London's youth. 

As a passionate, creative and result oriented individual with a clear vision for creating conceptual photography, working with analogue  and digital equipment. In the modern world, a skill set such as this is hard to find. 

Emerzy has managed to merge his artistic vision with that of the industry, making his work stand out among others.

Instagram: @emerzycorbin

Madison Milne-Ives

Maddie shoots a mix of film and digital, but she is a relative newcomer to film photography. She started shooting film at the end of 2022, when she got her hands on her mom’s old film camera (a Minolta X-700) when they moved house. For Maddie, the joy of film photography is that it helps her slow down and focus on capturing moments that evoke a feeling of time, place, emotion, and memory. There’s also something quite magical about having one chance to take a shot and having to wait to see if you have managed to capture what you saw in your mind.

Maddie enjoys shooting all different types of photography – street, travel, landscape, portraits – but has a particular passion for photo projects. She has documented a return visit to her family’s ancestral home in the very north of Scotland (on digital) and the period of transition of her grandmother’s move from her home of 40 years to a care home (on film). More recently, she enjoyed capturing a day of street photography in Paris and plans to document a backcountry canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness this summer.   

Instagram: @m.m.i_photography   

Harry Ma

Harry Ma, an analogue street and landscape photographer based in London, embarked on his artistic journey in Jiangsu, China. His passion for photography ignited at 14 when he received his first 35mm SLR.

After studying Studio Arts and Digital Media at the University of Rochester, he pursued graduate studies in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Edinburgh and Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art.

Harry's work harmonises natural landscapes with urban chaos, using shapes, lines, and directions to reveal depth.

Primarily working as a Behind-the-Scenes Photographer, capturing the energy of music videos and live performances, Harry collaborated with artists like Yungblud, Fireboy DML, Antslive and ect.

His camera collection includes the reliable Leica M6, Fujifilm GF670, and a modified Polaroid SX-70.

Instagram: @harrrima

Heather Hughes

Heather, a photographer and videographer in Kent, specialises in photography and video for weddings, branding, portraits, and events. 

With over 15 years of experience, Heather transitioned from capturing the elegance of dancers to documenting diverse genres including travel, street and live performances.

Her passion lies in authentic moments and genuine connections in live settings. Five years ago, Heather ventured into videography, expanding her storytelling capabilities. Alongside weddings, she explores fashion, interiors, and product photography. Having lived and worked in Africa, Australia and Spain, she is fascinated by language, linguistics, and culture. 

She’s currently exploring films and cameras for low-light, twilight and night shots, using them in different contexts, as well as comparing the results with digital photography. 

 Heather's expertise spans film and digital, with a preference for Canon cameras and medium format Pentax and Mamiya and Polaroids. 

Instagram: @artoflifefilms and @lightninginabottleuk

Website: and

Aaron Hopkins

Colour blind shorts wearer. Gym owner, Photographer, Creative, Entrepreneur, would be some ways of describing him. Aaron doesn't like to be restricted by labels - they are just a way of describing what he does. He shoots film mainly for fun and passion but also takes it to his professional photography projects, to show how amazing it can be. 

As an ADHDer, using film slows him down and helps clear his brain! It makes him be more deliberate with what shots he takes, which makes him a better photographer overall. His photography and film knowledge is all self taught, with the help from other great photographers along the way. As an advocate of “take your camera everywhere” his subjects range from street to landscape and portraits.

Instagram: @analogue13


Corrine Gretton-West

Corrine Gretton-West is an experimental analogue photography educator and the proud owner of Dark Art Sessions. She has a particular fascination with the Wet Plate Collodion process, a 170-year-old Victorian photographic process. 

Through Dark Art Sessions, Corrine offers a diverse range of workshops, including Wet Plate Collodion sessions, emulsion lift and Polaroid manipulation workshops, and plant-based photography classes. She also shares her expertise and love for analogue photography through public talks, lectures at universities and she regularly exhibits her work around the UK.

Corrine is also doing her Ph.D in Photography, exploring exceptional human experiences through imagery.

Instagram: @darkartsessions

Milo Calder

Milo fell in love with film photography as soon as he picked up his Dad's Pentax MX around the time he left school. He began by simply capturing his friends and family and treasured the excitement of waiting to receive his developed photos through the post.Today Milo sees film photography as a way of connecting with people and the world. The last few years saw him begin exploring with different techniques, films, and cameras, becoming fascinated with the atmospheres that different combinations can produce. He documents this adventure on Instagram as well through his blog, where film photography intertwines with a mixture of subject matter. His current favourite camera is his Grandad's Voigtlander Vitessa manufactured in the 1950's. 

Instagram: @milocalder

Anne Maningas

Anne is a Train Driver Instructor from Brentford, West London who rediscovered film photography as a means of therapy in 2021, following being diagnosed with C-PTSD. She shoots a wide range of subjects, enjoying the slow process of film and manual exposure, and her work has been described as having 'a striking sense of serendipity'. At the start of 2024, she published her first film photo zine ‘the ghosts that we leave behind’; many of the photographs that feature were shot on rolls purchased from and developed by Analogue Wonderland. Anne shoots on 35mm, medium format and instant film. Her favourite emulsion is Kodak Pro Image 100.

Instagram: @version3point1


Khandie, the driving force behind Khandie Photography, thrives on capturing the essence of people and places with film, partial to expired film. From her beginnings in a school darkroom, she's honed her craft, distinguishing herself through colour, deep tones and layered textures. Her unique style leans more to cityscapes, portraits, and fashion shoots. Embracing the unpredictability of expired film, she shares her work online, inspiring others to experiment. 

Khandie teaches photography to adults with traumatic brain injuries. Her travels, from Viking festivals in Norway to documenting concentration camp survivors in Poland, expand her artistic horizons. She is committed to using film's timeless quality to preserve important messages. Khandie's passion for analogue photography continues to leave a lasting impact, bridging past and present.

Khandie’s go to film stock (aside from any expired film) is Kodak Gold 200, which is a great daily carry film stock, SilberSalz35 250D and 500D, with its beautiful tones and versatility, and CineStill 800T, a great low light film with a diverse capabilities.

Instagram: @khandiephoto


Amber-Rose Smith

Amber-Rose Smith is a photographer, creator and storyteller. She primarily shoots digital in her day-to-day practice, but shooting film is a hugely cherished medium where her passion for photography first stemmed from. Amber first explored analogue with her Dad’s Olympus OM10 film camera. For her, nothing will ever beat that feeling of receiving film photos back from the Analogue WonderLab, and seeing if the photos you’ve so carefully composed have come out as you’ve envisaged. 

Amber is very excited to be shooting lots more films this coming year and incorporating it further into her working practice. A goal of hers is to shoot more portraits on medium format film along with a few trips abroad. She currently shoots with a Bronica ETRSi, paired with a prism. Amber’s go to 35mm camera is the Canon EOS 300, and a few of her favourite film stocks are Kodak Colour Plus, Gold 200 and Pro Image 100 (which is on a fantastic deal at Analogue Wonderland at the moment!). She also always keeps a Kodak Ektar H35N half frame film camera in whichever bag she’s carrying to capture candid moments on film wherever she goes.

Instagram: @amberrosephoto

Gary Malazarte-Smith

Gary is a film photographer based in Yorkshire, and like many before him, he did not choose the life behind the lens. Previously, a fully trained and published archaeologist, he went on to discover his creative side producing esport tournaments and heritage documentaries as a self taught videographer. Now, armed with his videography skills, he aims to capture other peoples stories through the guise of film… one frame at a time.

In the beginning, there was a focus on a mix of street and architectural photography, and now moving forward, the goal is more person oriented. The aim is to seek out everyday people, discover what it’s truly like to live in their world, and to capture their essence through film photography.

This is why Gary goes by @SeekDiscoverConnect and you never know, you could be the protagonist of his next project.

Instagram: @seekdiscoverconnect

Matt Richardson

I began photography on film when I was a kid and both my grandads had darkrooms, so they would develop and print pictures with me. 

Later, I had my own darkroom and then took A Level Photography, so I was always out with a camera, and the college darkroom became a second home. 

This eventually led to work in newspapers and magazines, in the days when you did a shoot, rushed back to process the film (in a tank in the office kitchen) and then see what you got. Trust me, it could be stressful waiting to find out… I finally got my dream Hasselblad weeks before the industry went digital and I hung up my F100s and sold the ‘blad for a D2X. 

Since then I started to miss the slower process and analogue feel and character that film gave, so now when I'm not working I’ll pick up a film camera and go out and shoot something, anything, and make something different to the clean and over precise images of the digital world.

Instagram: @itsmattrichardson

Eulana Alicia George

Hello, My name is Alicia, and I'm a Guyanese-born but London-based film photographer. I first developed my passion for film photography about 2 years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to his Canon F1 and then showed me the developed film (Kodak Ektar 100), which was so vibrant in red and had a warm tone and feel. I knew from that day I needed to learn and understand film photography. 

My journey into film photography then started when I got a Zenith B with a 58mm f2 lens camera, which I absolutely enjoyed shooting with, and since then I have explored different formats of film, including 120, 220, 110, 35mm, Polaroids, and instax, and also developed my own films with the help and support of that same friend until this day.

My camera kit since then has expanded and it includes the Pentax 6x7, Canon T90,Polaroid 680,Polaroid I2,Olympus 30 and Mamiya RB67.

I mainly shoot portraits, landscapes, and fashion/editorials. My favourite films are Cinestill 800, Kodak Gold 200, Colour Plus 200, and Ilford HP5 Plus 400.  

Instagram: @alicias_g

Hanane Zahrouni

Hanane is a multidisciplinary photographer - documenting music, landscape and conservation, and is currently based in London/Midlands. Her approach as a music photographer is empathetic with an identifiable portrait style and an undertone of candidness and nostalgia - with her favorite capturing behind the scenes. Hanane has shot large festivals here in the UK, as well as many artists such as Muse, Caroline Polachek, Rival Sons, Larkin Poe, The Darkness and continues to collaborate with other artists as well. Her projects for 2024 include continuing to connect artists to their audience via photography and video, whilst working on her own music. She also hopes to raise awareness in the industry as an underrepresented visual artist.

With an affinity for shooting film alongside digital, Hanane’s film kit at shows includes the Pentax K1000, loaded with CineStill 800T, Kodak T-Max 400, and most recently, Polaroid 600, which she will make more use of in the upcoming festival season.

Instagram: @byhananezahrouni

Adam Stringer

I hail from Leeds, England, born in 1971 to parents who embraced the outdoors, instilling in me a love for nature from an early age. My childhood memories are filled with adventures in walking, sailing, and immersing myself in the natural world. It was through the Scouts that I found an outlet for my adventurous spirit, delving into climbing, caving, and camping. 

My time at University shaped my love for the outdoors, spending weekends cliff climbing and evenings surfing on local beaches. Workweeks became a means to an end, with weekends serving as my escape to the wilderness. Glencoe, Lochaber, Snowdonia, and the Lake District became my playgrounds, where I tackled all the classic mountaineering routes. 

In tandem with my outdoor pursuits, my passion for photography grew. Eager to convey my adventures to family and friends, I began capturing moments on film. Starting with simple point-and-shoot cameras, I documented mountaineering escapades in Scotland and Wales, later upgrading to DSLRs as commitment and funds grew. However, it was a transformative evening on the summit of Ben Nevis that marked a pivotal moment. As the sun settled over a perfect cloud inversion, I captured a picture of climbers ascending to the summit cairn—an image that ignited my passion for landscape photography.

In the ensuing years, my focus shifted from mountaineering to capturing the beauty of landscapes. Choosing routes and locations based on their photographic potential, I found myself transitioning from mountaineer to landscape photographer, spurred by that single captivating moment on Ben Nevis.

As I age, the fascination with the latest camera technology, burst modes, megapixels, and autofocus diminishes, leading me to reminisce about a simpler era when photographers refined their craft with analogue cameras. Emphasising composition and light, today, I might only capture a single image of a particular scene, trusting that my methodical approach to metering and composition will lead to a pleasing image. Consequently, I now equip myself with analogue cameras that are four decades old, and a pouch filled with rolls of film such as Kodak Portra or Fuji Velvia.

Instagram: @stringbob