Analogue photography is a timeless art form that has been around for over a century. Despite the rise of digital photography, there is still a community of photographers who prefer the look and feel of film. At Analogue Wonderland, we are proud to support and nurture this community.

To help spread the love for analogue photography, we have assembled a team of brand ambassadors who share our passion for film.

This is a growing team which we hope will become a diverse group of photographers from all over the UK, each with their unique style and perspective.

Our brand ambassadors are more than just photographers. They inspire others to pick up a film camera and start shooting, and they encourage us to experiment and push the boundaries of analogue photography.

Whether you are a seasoned film photographer or new to the world of analogue, our brand ambassadors are here to guide and inspire you.

Together, we can keep the spirit of analogue photography alive and well.

Jack Wrighton

TikTok Content Creator

Jack is an art and portrait photographer based in Oxfordshire who creates fun and accessible TikToks for film photographers.

TikTok: jackwrighton


Clare Williams

She Hearts Film Facebook Group Moderator

Clare has always enjoyed taking photos. Being an 80's baby, she acquired her first film camera when she was 9 or 10 for a school camping trip. It was a compact point and shoot that took 110 film.
Ever since then she always tries to have a camera with her.

Instagram: thegladsatsuma_onfilm

Neil Piper

Club AW Facebook Group Moderator

Neil predominantly works with alternate processes to create images. He uses a variety of pinhole cameras - sometimes commercially produced, sometimes homemade.

Instagram: neil_piper