Fujifilm Velvia 100 - 35mm Film

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ted A. (Manchester, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Accreditation Handles: @tedayre
Super Saturated Slide Film

I was really surprised at the vivid and sharp results of this film! It's a pity that it's not available more, as it is certainly worth trying if you're interested in slide film.

N. (Eastbourne, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Accreditation Handles: Nigel Kell
Second best slide film

But only because Velvia 50 exists; still a very sharp film with super colours.

Sarah (Sunderland, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Beautiful colour, pin-sharp

This was my first attempt at shooting a roll of slide film, and I think I'm hooked! Amazing vibrant colours and super sharp images, they could probably be mistaken for digital images (in my opinion).

Slide film notoriously needs precise metering, so I was surprised that I had good results from my roll because my built-in light meter gave up on me and I resorted to using a free app on my phone! Maybe beginners luck, maybe there is a little latitude in velvia.

Shahab N. (Bristol, GB)
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: no_objective_reality (instagram)
expensive but worth every penny !

Fujifilm Velvia 100 is one of the best films on the market ! the colours jump out and are so powerful. you need to bracket your shots but when you get it right .... Bosh ! you nailed it !! I would buy a few rolls and keep it for those special occasions when you fancy creating and capturing something special !

Sam O. (Cardiff, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Travel
Accreditation Handles: @ladwithablad
Colour! Colour! Colour!

I knew going into shooting my first roll of velvia that it loves colours. But nothing could prepare me for when I got my film back and just the sheer intensity of the vibrant colours hitting my eyeballs. On overcast dull days it gives a life to the scene that I didn't think possible and on sunny/golden hour days it produces a richness that colour negative film can only dream of. I would say however that sometimes the colours do come out a bit oversaturated and somewhat fake looking, but that might have been a symptom of slightly over exposing this film (it really doesn't like that and I'd recommend under exposing by half a stop instead). But I'd definitely shoot again!

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