Analogue Television: June Highlights

By Paul McKay

The past few weeks have seen a cast of outstanding photographers, artists and brands from the film photography world join our weekly YouTube. If you missed out at the time then here is where you can look back at all the episodes and catch-up at your convenience!

On the 9th June we also discussed the Black Lives Matter movement in a separate video and article that you can find here.

West Yorkshire Cameras - Howard joins us from an elaborate set in front of his shop in Leeds, and sends us green with envy by discussing the cameras that pass through his hands (and maybe into his personal collection). He also recounts the story of the business, and the trends he's noticed over the years he has now been working in the analogue industry.

Solarcan Sam

Sam Cornwell - the inventor of the Solarcan solargraphy camera, and a passionate advocate of all things analogue. We discussed his inspiration to begin the business, he explains exactly how the camera works, and why the solstice should really be called 'Solarcan Day'!

Mike Gutterman

Mike Gutterman - the man, the artist, the podcast LEGEND. Mike dials in from his GuttermanCave to talk about the Negative Positives podcast, how he has managed to create the most supportive Facebook group in existence, and why we should all try selling our prints at local art fairs!

revolog - we are joined by Michael and Hanna - the owners and operators of 'revolog', a creative film company based in Austria. We found out how the business started - 10 years ago! - as a University project, how it has survived the ups-and-downs of the past decade, and why photographers enjoy films that allow for some creative unpredictability.

Hussain Ali

Hussain Ali - the legend of the London film scene, Hussain teaches us why colour printing is nowhere near as scary as people think - why saturation is such a key feature of different film stocks - and his top tips for going travelling for three months with a film camera.

Happy Shooting - and watching!
- Paul, Marina and Ribsy

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