Holga Week 2023

By Amy Farrer

This year, Holga Week starts on Sunday 1st October until Saturday 7th October, bringing the film photography community together to celebrate the cult-classic medium format film camera. Find out how to submit your images to the 2023 competition!



Holga Week is finally here and we can’t wait to see the film community coming together to celebrate the mighty medium format camera!


What's a Holga Camera? 


The Holga, is a medium format 120 format which was created in Hong Kong in the early 1980s and is deemed a cult classic amongst the community. Being low-cost makes it an attractive entry camera for film photographers looking to explore the world of medium format.

Offering several various models, such as the classic Holga 120N, Holga Pinhole and Wide Pinhole, Holga Panoramic and Holga with Flash, each one shares a unique set of attributes. You can expect: lo-fi aesthetic, 120 format, strong vignetting around the edges of images, simple and lightweight, simple to use and capable of producing amazing images.

After making its debut in international markets, the Holga camera quickly garnered significant attention beyond China's borders. Today, it remains a favoured option in a world inundated with modern cameras. What distinguishes it is its inherent simplicity, a quality that positions it as a worthy successor to its alternative, the Lomography Diana. This passionate following continues today, giving rise to the annual celebration known as Holga Week.


Adam Clutterbuck Holga 120N Image Shot on Ilford XP2 400

(c) Adam Clutterbuck, shot on his well-loved Holga 120N loaded with Ilford XP2 400.


Adam describes his experience with Holga: “I have been using a Holga camera since 2008. I tend to photograph simpler scenes and quirky subjects as the imprecise and flawed aesthetic of the camera tends to complement these. I will also try to use up a whole roll of 120 film in one go, showing a collection of the things I see on a short walk under the same conditions.

Despite the obvious technical limitations of the camera, it is funny to realise that it is actually quite liberating - allowing me to do less thinking and more shooting!”



What's Holga Week all about?


Holga Week, which is celebrated every year on the 1st - 7th October, is a global photo competition dedicated to the iconic Holga camera. It is organised by none other than @MrHolga himself and is simple to take part in. Here’s how you can join in the fun:

  1. Load up your Holga camera with your chosen 120 film. If you’re not quite stocked up yet, you can grab your supplies from our shop at Analogue Wonderland!
  2. Prepare to shoot your Holga during Holga Week (1st - 7th October). You can shoot as many photos as you like. Your images will be judged against a number of categories including: effect (think multiple exposures, light leaks, double negatives…), street, nature, portrait and pinhole.
  3. Get ready to develop your films and submit your favourites via the official website. You can send them to our Analogue Wonderland WonderLab and receive your scans ready for download.


We’d love to see what you’ve captured, too! So do use the hashtag #HolgaWeek to showcase your work with the community. If you’re in need of some inspiration ahead of your shoot, you might want to check out our blog, 7 Top Tips for Creating Amazing Photos with a Holga Camera.



Learn more about Holga Week 2023 in this video from Mr. Holga and Todd Puckett of Don’s Used Photo Equipment in Dallas, Texas.  



Medium format deals


If you’re looking to pick up some more stock, we’re currently offering up to 40% off on some of our most popular medium format 120 films. Choose from colour and/or black and white, pop it in your Holga and get ready to capture those prize-winning shots!


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  • Love the whole idea behind Holga Week. I ventured out myself yesterday and rattled off three rolls in perfect Holga weather!
    Hopefully something worth entering into the contest!

    Adam Clutterbuck

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