Women Empowering Women: Introducing our AW Ambassadors

By Amy Farrer

Since recently unveiling our latest group of Analogue Wonderland Ambassadors on our social media channels, we couldn't be prouder to introduce our talented female members and their plans for the coming year. What truly warms our hearts is their commitment to giving back to their communities through meaningful and inspiring initiatives. As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we're taking this opportunity to put the spotlight on our female Ambassadors by showcasing the incredible work they're involved in. Please do go and show them some love with a follow on social media. Read on and get ready to be inspired! ✨

Cover image (c) Hanane Zahrouni



Photographed by Khandie


Khandie, the driving force behind Khandie Photography, thrives on capturing the essence of people and places with film, partial to expired film. From her beginnings in a school darkroom, she's honed her craft, distinguishing herself through colour, deep tones and layered textures. Her unique style leans more to cityscapes, portraits, and fashion shoots. Embracing the unpredictability of expired film, she shares her work online, inspiring others to experiment. 

Khandie teaches photography to adults with traumatic brain injuries. Her travels, from Viking festivals in Norway to documenting concentration camp survivors in Poland, expand her artistic horizons. She is committed to using film's timeless quality to preserve important messages. Khandie's passion for analogue photography continues to leave a lasting impact, bridging past and present.

Khandie’s go to film stock (aside from any expired film) is Kodak Gold 200, which is a great daily carry film stock, SilberSalz35 250D and 500D, with its beautiful tones and versatility, and CineStill 800T, a great low light film with a diverse capabilities.

Instagram: @khandiephoto



Photographed by Heather Hughes

Heather Hughes

Heather, a photographer and videographer in Kent, specialises in weddings, branding, portraits, and events. With over 15 years of experience, Heather transitioned from capturing the elegance of dancers to documenting diverse genres including travel, street and live performances.

Her passion lies in authentic moments and genuine connections in live settings. Five years ago, Heather ventured into videography, expanding her storytelling capabilities. Alongside weddings, she explores fashion, interiors, and product photography. Having lived and worked in Africa, Australia and Spain, she is fascinated by language, linguistics, and culture. 

As someone who grew up deaf, Heather plans to explore themes of connection, isolation, culture and language in her future projects. She aims to inspire individuals to achieve their dreams, whoever they are, and to dispel misconceptions about deaf, disabled, and older people. 

Heather's expertise spans film and digital, with a preference for Canon cameras and medium format Pentax and Mamiya, plus Polaroids. 

Instagram: @artoflifefilms and @lightninginabottle



Photographed by Corrine Gretton-West

Corrine Gretton-West

Corrine is an experimental analogue photographer and creative sorcerer! She has a huge passion for analogue photography. Corrine recently completed a project on late-diagnosed Neurodivergence, using a 170 year old photographic process, Wet Plate Collodion. Corrine was diagnosed with ADHD at 36 and Autism at 37. This project, supported by Coward Photography, offered a spotlight for those with late diagnoses, allowing them to express themselves freely. Corrine's dedication earned her the "In Camera Artistry Photographer of the Year" award from the Societies of Photographers.

Corrine is delighted to announce the launch of her second business, Dark Art Sessions, launching on April 5, 2024. She will be offering Experimental Analogue Photography Courses for individuals keen on advancing their photography skills and pushing photography to the next level. This is an incredible opportunity to learn, diversify portfolios, and encourage self-expression. The course will cover techniques like Cyanotypes and Emulsion Lifts. To be the first to know about these courses, you can sign up to the mailing list on her website

Instagram: @darkartsessions



Madison Milne-Ives

Madison Milne-Ives

Whilst Maddie is relatively new to film photography, she has very quickly gotten addicted to the art form! She started shooting film when her parents moved house, and in the process of packing up her childhood home, her mom found her old film camera – a Minolta X-700 complete with a 50mm prime and a 35-70mm zoom.

She got her hands on it Christmas 2022, and started taking photos of anything and everything. This is (so far) her general approach to photography. Maddie loves taking photos of her life and experiences: street photography, travel and landscape, candids of family and friends, portraits…  

This year, she plans to do more intentional project. Last year, she did a black and white film photography project, documenting her Grandma’s move from her home of 40 years into a care home, and loved the way film helped her capture the emotions of this transition. In terms of her latest ideas, Maddie will be taking 3 rolls of Kodak Tri-X to Paris for some street photography and plans to document her backcountry canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness this summer (film stock TBD). Maddie is always thinking of more project ideas as she learns more about what she can do with film!    

Instagram: @m.m.i_photography



A photograph taken by Hanane Zahrouni

Hanane Zahrouni

Hanane is a photographer - documenting music, landscape and conservation, and currently based in London/Midlands. Her approach as a music photographer is empathetic with an identifiable portrait style and an undertone of candidness and nostalgia. Hanane has shot large festivals here in the UK, as well as many artists such as Muse, Caroline Polachek, Rival Sons, Larkin Pie, The Darkness and many others. Her projects for 2024 include continuing to connect artists to their audience via photography and video, whilst working on her own music. She also hopes to document on conservation related matters and raise awareness in the industry as an underrepresented visual artist.

With an affinity for shooting film alongside digital, Hanane’s film kit at shows includes the Pentax K1000, loaded with CineStill 800T, Kodak T-Max 400, and most recently, Polaroid 600, which she will make more use of in the upcoming festival season.

Instagram: @byhananezahrouni 



Photographed by Amber-Rose Smith

Amber-Rose Smith

Amber-Rose Smith is a photographer, creator and storyteller. She primarily shoots digital in her day-to-day practice, but shooting film is a hugely cherished medium where her passion for photography first stemmed from. Amber first explored analogue with her Dad’s Olympus OM10 film camera. For her, nothing will ever beat that feeling of receiving film photos back from the Analogue WonderLab, and seeing if the photos you’ve so carefully composed have come out as you’ve envisaged. 

Amber is very excited to be shooting lots more film this coming year and incorporating it further into her working practice. A goal of hers is to shoot more portraits on medium format film along with a few trips abroad. She currently shoots with a Bronica ETRSi, paired with a prism. Amber’s go to 35mm camera is the Canon EOS 300, and a few of her favourite film stocks are Kodak Colour Plus, Gold 200 and Pro Image 100 (which is on a fantastic deal at Analogue Wonderland at the moment!). She also always keeps a Kodak Ektar H35N half frame film camera in whichever bag she’s carrying to capture candid moments on film wherever she goes.

Instagram: @amberrosephoto



Photographed by Zoe Wood

Zoe Wood

Zoe is a 23 year old film photographer from Hertfordshire. She works predominantly in London, and as the majority of people know, London is not the safest place at the best of times, let alone walking back after work at night as a woman. She’s planning to do a series regarding feminism and, specifically, more to do with women walking home alone. She wants to essentially shine a light on and recreate what it feels like for women.

Zoe is very much inspired by Cindy Sherman's work. Sherman did a series called “Centrefold”, where she depicts a vulnerable woman with the camera angle looking down over her. Zoe wants to take inspiration from that by taking photos of women walking down the street from behind from the ‘attacker’s perspective’. The goal is to make the viewer feel the cause of her unease.

She wants to use a wide angle 16mm lens to create this distorted feeling with the female subject in the centre and the warped feeling to represent her fear - these together make her look vulnerable and like easy prey. Keep an eye on her social media channels as the body of work unfolds!

Instagram: @creativezoehub



Photographed by Eva Serksnaite

Eva Serksnaite

Eva is a musician and photographer studying at the Royal College of Music. Wanting to get into photography but not being able to afford a digital camera, she bought a cheap 60’s Canon film camera five years ago and never left the film format!

Eva’s work mainly focuses on portraits of musicians. As she identifies as queer, she sees photography as a very important art of self expression and acceptance. This key factor is something she tries to capture in her photography with not only her clients, but in her own recent series of self portraits, exploring themes of growth, acceptance and self expression.

Eva currently shoots on an Olympus OM2 that was handed down to her from her stepfather, as well as a Rolleicord TLR for medium format.

Instagram: @eva.serkinsky



Celebrating International Women's Day

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our wonderful Ambassadors if you have any questions about their projects – I’m sure they'll be thrilled to hear from you! Working with the team has been an absolute joy, and so many brilliant ideas have already been exchanged on our Ambassador WhatsApp group. And this is just the beginning... Trust us when we say, you'll want to stay tuned for what's to come!

As for other International Women’s Day activities, we've got a few projects up our sleeves to mark the achievements and contributions of women in the UK film photography community, such as through our She Hearts Film initiative. 💜 Stay tuned for updates! 

We’re keen to know which women in film photography inspire you! And how are you planning to celebrate International Women’s Day this year? Share a note with us in the comments. 😊

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