Double WonderPoints Weekend! 💰💰

By Paul McKay

This weekend we are giving away DOUBLE WonderPoints on every order placed 😱 10 per £1 spent on film, accessories, film cameras, or developing your film.

This will dramatically increase how quickly you earn towards future film savings and make it even easier to hit the threshold to enter Club AW!

For Club AW Members the double WonderPoints starts at 5pm on Thursday 21st March. For non-Club Members the double WonderPoints starts at midday Friday 22nd March. Other ways of earning WonderPoints (e.g. following on social media, writing reviews etc) are not affected and will earn at the usual rate.

You can see your current WonderPoints by clicking here.

The event ends at midnight Sunday 24th March for all customers. So you have limited time to build your WonderPoints balance!

Happy Shooting 😊

Ready to dive in?

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