Svema Film

Who are Svema Film?

Svema was the main manufacturer of films in the USSR. The collapse of the Union spelled the beginning of the end of Svema as a consumer brand, as it struggled to compete on a global stage. However the machinery survived and is still in business creating fresh bulk rolls for commercial use: we are thrilled to list their emulsions in consumer formats - processed, quality-tested and hand-rolled into 35mm canisters by the fantastic FPP.

Please note that Svema films have very thin bases which make them easy to scan but leave them susceptible to light piping! This means they should be kept in the dark as much as possible - even before exposing - to avoid light entering the canister.

FPP Svema Mz3 - 35mm Film


FPP Svema FN64 - 35mm Film
FPP Svema FN64 - 35mm Film

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