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The Winning Film Photos for Kodak Summer Competition!

Posted on September 25 2018

Thank You

Firstly another HUGE THANK YOU from Analogue Wonderland and Kodak Alaris to all of you who took part in this summer's competition. There were over 450 entrants across the 'Beginner' and 'Proficient' categories and the quality of the photography has been exceptionally high.

We have thoroughly enjoyed looking through each and everyone one of your photos (and sharing as many as possible on Instagram!) and we have now come to a decision on the winners. We have also produced a short video where Andrew from Kodak and Paul from Analogue Wonderland discuss the entries, what they liked most about their favourites, and what made the overall winners stand out. There are also a couple of product announcements buried within... (Ektachrome anyone?) So please check that out! And let us know what you think of the competition - do you agree with our decisions? did you enjoy taking part? - in the comments section at the bottom.


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And of course each of the winners will receive a Kodak film goodie bag with several different products to try. of the first rolls of Ektachrome to be available to the general public in Europe!


Beginner Category - Honourable Mentions

There are four runners-up who produced images that jumped out at us as we reviewed. Remember that all of these photographers started using film in 2018 so the skills that in evidence are a fantastic reminder of why we got hooked on analogue in the first place!

So in no particular order:

film photo of skateboarder

Artist: @billyevaans; Image Title: Skate Video Filming; Film: Kodak Colorplus


film photo of sunset

Artist: @illnagas; Image Title: Searching; Film: Kodak Portra 160


photo of land-rafting

Artist: @n1826; Image Title: Land-Rafting Fun; Film: Kodak Tri-X


film photo of night sky

Artist: @joshbagshawe; Image Title: Man-Made Stars; Film: Kodak Pro Image


Proficient Category - Honourable Mentions

The biggest difference in skill we noticed when moving from Beginner to Proficient was the photographers' use of different film stocks to create different results. Portra to bring out skin tones, Ektar for vibrant and sharp colour, different T-Max for different situations etc. And the four photos worthy of special mention are classic examples of using the film stock as well as light, composition and colour to bring an image to life.

duck soup

Artist: @helgefrisenette; Image Title: Duck Soup; Film: Kodak Gold


storm at machu pichu

Artist: @polly.brown; Image Title: Storm at Machu Pichu; Film: Kodak UltraMax



Artist: @afilmphotographer; Image Title: Sunset Grand Bend; Film: Kodak Ektar


film photo of ana

Artist: @afterglow.35; Image Title: Anna; Film: Kodak Ektar


WINNER - Beginner

This photo is a delight of multi-exposure (double or triple?) with beautiful shapes, composition and a hint of colour to give it depth. Gorgeous!beginner winner

Artist: @shailer; Image Title: Burning Wonder; Film: Kodak Ektar 


WINNER - Proficient

This photo was chosen for its mastery of light - bringing enough detail from the flowers through back-lighting while keeping an overall peaceful and summery feeling. Great positioning and artful use of Portra.

proficient winner

Artist: @cjrphotographyuk; Image Title: Summer Sun; Film: Kodak Portra 400