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Kodak M35 Film Camera

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Capture classic family moments with the new Kodak M35 Film Camera!

Simple to use - with the only setting 'flash on or off' - and lightweight, so you can use it as you go about your daily life.

M35 has fixed focus lens, manual film winding and rewinding and a switch to turn flash On/Off. Simply purchase a roll of 35mm film and load it in, take your photos, rewind and have the film roll developed.

Works with all 35mm film although we would recommend you start with an ISO 400 film while you get used to the camera 😊

The effective range of the flash depends on the ISO of the film used in the camera:

• ISO 200 Film - Flash Effective Range 1-4 Metres.
• ISO 400 Film - Flash Effective Range 1-5 Metres.

Make sure you enable the camera's flash for the following situations - with indoor lighting, on a cloudy day, at sunset, night or with backlight.


Kodak M35 Film Camera


Format: Reloadable 35mm Film Camera
Shutter: 1/120 seconds
Aperture: f/10
Focal length: 31mm
Battery: AAA (not included)
Size of camera:
114mm(W) x 63mm(H) x 35mm(D)




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When you buy your Kodak M35 Film Camera from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So grab one and dive back into the fun of 35mm film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Chris Mountford
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: Chris Mountford
A super fun 'point and shoot' camera

Using this camera has been really fun and rewarding for me.

The inherent limitations of a basic camera like this force you to be creative and thoughtful with your shots,

I loaded a roll of Ilford XP2 into the camera (200/400 iso films are recommended due to the fixed exposure) and went out and took some shots around town.

The ease of just being able to 'click, wind, click, wind' mean that you don't have to worry about focussing, exposure controls or zoom, I found this pretty liberating as you avoid the anxiety over autofocus and the extra layer of the unknown that comes with that. The fixed focus does of course mean that the shots aren't super sharp overall, but they are still perfectly nice from my point of view.

This camera can take some really nice shots in the right hands, it's both fun and extremely easy to use and really happy with how a good few of my shots have come out.

Of course sharpness on the edge of the frame is an acquired taste but can add a nice effect to your shots.

To sum up, this camera is a bit of fun, you have to expect a bit of unpredictability, but that in my view is what makes this camera such a pleasure to use.