Lomography Konstruktor F - 35mm Film Camera

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Angus G. (Luton, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: A. Gulliver
What fun!

I was given the earlier version of the Lomography Konstruktor some years ago as a present. The only difference between this model is that mine doesn't have the flash connection. Otherwise it's identical. I am no mechanical engineer but I managed to put the kit together in about three and a half hours. What you get, for a mere £30, is a simple but functional 35mm SLR with a waist level viewfinder. The 50mm lens is plastic and quite sharp at the centre, not so good at the edges. It works great with B&W film and seems to add a bit of a vintage tint to colour films. There is a close-up adaptor available. Focusing is via the waist level finder which is helped my a little magnifying glass. The waist level finder gives a different perspective compared to a conventional eyepiece. You tend to take photos with the camera at chest height. The aperture and shutter speed are fixed with no way of altering them apart from there being a "b" setting for long exposures. A serious camera it perhaps is not, but it's fun and you can take good photos with it.

H.B. (Wimborne Minster, GB)
Fun little project

Was a great little project that kept me busy for a few hours.

Gavin R. (Pont-y-clun, GB)
Great lockdown project

Thoroughly enjoyed putting this camera together. Easily spent a few lockdown hours assembling and decorating the camera. It works very well but be delicate with winding the film forward. I have used 3 rolls so far and just waiting to get them developed.

Hayley (Northampton, GB)
Perfect for: Beginners
Accreditation Handles: Leftwardsalmon
Great fun!

I’m taking my first steps back into film photography. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I sat down with this over two hours and felt very proud of myself. It’s taught me well about how cameras work and it’s really fun to use! Still waiting to get the film developed but great kit!!

C.M. (London, GB)
Construction let's this camera down

Only buy this if you consider yourself handy.

Instruction book is really unhelpful and there's barely any detail. All 4 type of screws are just bundled up together and there's no proper description for which screw is which, despite three of them looking incredibly similar in size and shape, so you're left guessing.

If you put one step the slightest bit wrong you'll end up with a broken camera.

The website could also make a bigger deal of the fact it's a build-your-own - it's only once you click in and read the small-print description. I was scrolling through 35mm cameras and saw a picture of a good solid looking camera, no mention of the build-your-own in the title.

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